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Most Romantic Ride

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The Whizzer is the best "couple" roller coaster IMO. The guy sits toward the back of the seat while the girl sits right in front of him between his legs. You are very tight together. It is classic!


Yeah I have to agree with Mr. Jeffie here, Whizzer has some Schwartzkopf love factor to it.


But besides that, and 3 person per bench flume ride, pretty much the same thing, guy sits in back, gal sits in front and all that jazz...


Colin C

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My choice would be The Pirates of the Caribbean.


If you and your significant other have the back of the boat all to yourself, it doesn't get much better.


Your cruising around in the Dark, your hands can wander around unnoticed, and it's a relatively long ride.


There have been stories over the years about many "Romantic" activities (Between Consenting Couples) that have occured while cruising down the waterway of this ride.

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  • 7 years later...
Disneyland Railroad, caboose. Almost had to head over to Planned Parenthood after that one.




-JJ "still not a daddy, I think"


Um, she can't get pregnant if you do her in the caboose...




ok. .this was funny!

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