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Silverwood Discussion Thread

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Roller Coaster Alley posted an opening day trip report for the park, it includes details about the COVID-19 measures as well as general updates.


Here is the link: https://www.rollercoasteralley.com/silverwood-opening-day-2020-trip-report/


I think the most interesting thing is that it looks like they are in the middle of updating the train stunt show/robbery. I don't know when it's going to debut, but hopefully it will soon!!

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  • 3 months later...

The day is finally here!! Something NEW is coming to the park in 2021!!!!!!!!!!


It's kinda funny that it's coming at such an odd time, but hey I'll take it!!! I can't wait!!!


Here's the officail anouncement (if this embed works):




Here's the link if it doesn't work:


They seem to be very clear that it will be a new ride, which is amazing!!!


I have no idea what it is, but I'm hoping for a new coaster (of course )!


Here's to it being a new ground up RMC!!!!!!!!!

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Besides the New for 2021, which for the record I definitely think is a theme park addition, it appears the park is planning a new special event for October (since there's no Scarywood)!


Here is the link: https://www.silverwoodthemepark.com/events/index.php#october


It looks like they are calling it Silverwood Afterparty, and it sounds like Scarywood without scarezones, and fewer mazes. They mention that at least Dr. Delirium's will be open, but that a full list is coming soon. I'm like they are trying to get creative without having Scarywood this year, instead of just throwing in the towel early or just being "open weekends through October".

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WE GOT A CLUE!!!!!! Sorry...I just really can't wait for 2021.


Here is the link:

I can't seem to get the embed to work, any tips?


I think this confirms that it's for the theme park, and judging from the direction of the photo it's not a kiddie ride expansion.

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We have an announcement date!



September 17 is the big day!


Definitely an airplane theme going on, so thats kinda interesting.


I also happened to swing by the park this last weekend and I think I determined a likely location and grabbed some photos while I was at it. They have removed the Pharaoh's Curse haunted maze (sorry Scarywood fans, double wamie there), and the plot has been CLEARED. For those of you that don't know the plot is located between the Log Flume's lift hill and Tremors far turn around. There are some trees on the spot but they were marked, either for removal or saving I don't know. When you measure by Google Maps, its about 100 ft long (along the log flume) by 105 ft wide (towards Tremors), so not a whole lot of room but easily the single biggest chunk of flat undeveloped land inside the park. But wait there is more!


I also noticed some digging over in the grassy area behind the Elephant Ride and snack shack that is there, across the path from Panic Plunge. At first glance I thought this was just some routine maintenance (broken sprinkler valve or what have you), but upon further reflection I realized that it just so happened to be in a straight line from the area they had cleared, just across Tremors. This makes me wonder if its some sort of ground sample, and if thats the case that means that that grassy area is fair game. and there's even more space if they remove the Elephant Ride (please oh please take it out!) It think this opens up a wide variety of options...if the ride is a coaster. Can someone shed some light on this?


Otherwise, I could find no other work going on at the park. No track, rides parts, no nothing. If it is something big like a coaster, than they are doing a really good job of hiding it!


Now, I have heard some people say its a Zamperla Air Race, but I am going to disagree. I think that although an air race would be good there are a couple reasons it won't be. The first is that it's a terrible waste of space, an air race would take up room, but not that much room. Second, the location would be terrible as it would be off the main midway and all by itself, there are far better locations for an air race in the park (I'm looking at you Coaster Alley Dippin' Dots stand...). Third and finally, an Air Race, even the largest model, it only about 50 ft tall at its highest point and that just won't change the skyline in such a way as the park made it sound in the last tease.


That being said, I think its either a new coaster , or a tall ride like a StarFlyer/Windseeker, or observation tower. Someone said somewhere that it could be one of those Gerstlauer High Flyer (or whatever those super tall spiny flight things are called), which it could be, but I still think it would not work in the space.


Whatever it is we will find out on Thursday, so we can't speculate for too much longer . I don't work from the park, just a super fan of my de facto homepark, so no insider info here!


Overview of the clearing


Potential entrance from Country Carnival/Corkscrew side


View from opposite side, adjacent to Coaster Alley sign


Suspicious looking "maintenance work" (Ground Sample?)

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I'm still on the RMC bandwagon (mostly due to the park's proximity to the RMC factory).


I have a feeling it may be one of those Gerstlauer Sky Flys based on the plane and loop on the park's tweet.


I also see the smoke trail representing a coaster's track. Either way, we won't have to wait much longer.

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I wonder if Silverwood was really affected much by the pandemic at all. The only lost like 2 or 3 weekends in May, otherwise a normal operating schedule all summer as far as I know. If they're building a new coaster next year, they're obviously not in a terrible place financially. The park is just in their own little world, away from everything!


I have a feeling it's an RMC Raptor. If it's that or anything of similar size, scale, or thrill, I can guarantee I will finally make the trek up there from Utah next summer.

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Does anyone know if its a clone? Kinda looks like it from the animation , but hey at least Silverwood fans have a good answer to the question of "When will your park get a real RMC?" now Thought the name is a little cheesy but not bad! Color scheme (if that's it) looks AMAZING!


They mention opbstables, so that could be interesting.


I wonder when more info will come out...


Got breaking news on it as I was TYPING!! AND ITS GONNA RUN 2 TRAINS!! ITS A MIRACLE!!!


STATS!!! From park newsletter, got AS I WAS TYPING!!

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