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Silverwood Discussion Thread

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On 6/21/2021 at 4:05 PM, CP_RULES said:

Double post... cannot figure out how to delete.

You used to be able to do that. But not anymore. Except still showing that you deleted "something." 👻

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3 hours ago, Nrthwnd said:

You used to be able to do that. But not anymore. Except still showing that you deleted "something." 👻

Lets pretend we don't know what the "old forum" is and stop aging ourselves 😁

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21 hours ago, Comeagain? said:

Hershend knows how to develop, build, and operate major attractions that don't have major population centers nearby or need to all more people from outside the immediate area. Looking at what Dollywood's recently completed and what they've got planned, Hershend has plenty of money to spend on new attractions, lodging, that sort of thing. Major expansion is expensive and risky, and Hershend is large enough to take on a lot more of that risk than a single owner. And they have a lot more experience in some of those things that Silverwood needs to do to really expand (winter/holiday events, lodging/hotels, large new areas). Could've been interesting to see what would happen.

I totally agree and I'm interested to see what they will do with Kentucky Kingdom now. I think this could be a very positive thing for Louisville in a few years as long as they can put up with dealing with the Fair Board.

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Despite all that's going on, the park made their annual donation to Children's Village again this year!


This year it was $100,000 donated, bringing their total donation over the last decade to over $1 million! Congratulations to the park and the Norton family, and I'm glad that they continue to be a big part of the community.

Other thing that I thought was interesting was that they share that the park had a record year, with attendance of 803,000! I don't know by how much this was an increase of (last I heard the record was just shy of 700,000, but that was a couple years ago), but I hope this encourages them to continue making large investments. They also said that Scarywood had record attendance, but they didn't give a figure. They are already selling season passes this year (with a price increase of course), so I don't expect too much new for next year but I guess we'll see, if they make any minor changes.

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