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TPR Trivia Night!

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Hey Everyone!

Longtime TPR Member and friend William and I have been working on a fun online live Zoom coaster and theme park trivia for everyone!  It will be THIS Sunday, January 31 at 7pm EST. There will be bags of crap for the winners, at least one Jeff Johnson joke, and a lot of fun.  Any questions feel free to post here!  We hope to see you (virtually) on Sunday!

Signup is now open here: https://forms.gle/G9ERvKMmyzNrNDvA8




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this is wonderful, and if it's anything like his Seinfeld trivia, then it will be quite challenging!


(I think it was Seinfeld?  could have been Friends. . LOL).  I have clear memories of Japan, but not of the subject of William's trivia!


I have to check schedules to see if I'm free to make it - and will sign up if I can.    Otherwise, I hope y'all have a fantastic time, and hope to join in on a future session!

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I'll be there! Can't wait for this awesomeness! I remember the good ol' days when there were some TPR Trivia during meet-ups and coaster trips and they were some of the most fun I've had...EVER!!! Seriously people...if you're not signed up, you should check this out!

Jimmy "See you at 5pm stupid Arizona time" Bo

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