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What Ride makes you Nervous the Most?

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X2 a little. I mean going up the lift with music playing and then the army dude yelling when you are about to go down is freaky. Awesome ride, one of my favs. Also Xcellerator, another of my favs makes me nervous because the launch makes your stomach go up to your throat.

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I would say Sheikra made me the most nervous a few years ago when I rode it. I had to walk by it at least 5 times over 4 hours before I finally got the balls to ride it.


I was nervous about X2 which I rode about a month ago. Going up that lift hill backwards just getting further away from ground.


That's me on the right.

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I remember riding my first "real coaster" Lightning Racer and I was pretty nervous.

2 days ago I got to ride a Tivoli Re-Mix at the carnival near my house and I think that was scarier and more intense than the Chance Zipper.

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Again, the Playland Coaster. You feel like you're going to get thrown off any second. On almost every drop you're pretty much out of the seat and practically standing up. Someone who works on that ride told me that the forces on there are basically enough to keep someone in but I don't really believe it. That is indeed one ride I'll never get used to.

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SheiKra, without a doubt, made me nervous enough to the point that I wouldn't ride it the first time I went to the park. I got a second chance though in March of this year and I made myself ride it, even though I was nervous. I was fine till I got to the top (dont like heights or free falls.) When we were on the holding break I was freaking out and when it dropped I think I screamed F**K all the way to the bottom from the anticipation, but it ended up being a lot of fun and not scary at all. I rode it 3 more times in a row. It became my number 2 overall that day!

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