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If you could change a coaster.

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I'd shoot an invisable ray at SFMM so SFMM bashers couldn't even see it, then watch them cry because they would have nothing to Bit*h about




I would remove the OTSRs from Rev, have a new event night at SFMM called Bon Fire Nights using Psyclone as the fuel for the bon fire.


I would removed the trim off the first drop of Mantis and have the same event at CP Bon Fire Nights using Mean Streak


Again Bon Fire Nights at PKI using SOB and then add a Intamin/B&M or both in it's place

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  • Add another good drop and airtime hill to Goliath at SFMM.
  • Give Psyclone a full rehab and put PTC trains or Millennium Flyers on it.
  • As mentioned thousands of times, remove the OTSRs from Revolution and put new trains on it. (I'm aware that the park can't replace the restraints, but if it were possible...)


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-put Buzz Bars back on Blue Streak at CP

-Replace Superman: UF with Shockwave......the ride would have lap-bars 8)

-Put clam shells on most B&M sit-downs

-make TTD have a layout like Excelerator but keeping the 400+ ft hill

-take the trims of Mean Streak.....even if it is rough, at least there is a chance for air-time.

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-Make MF's hill before the final tunnel turn a double down to get rid of the straight track before the picture and I would throw in a small bunny hop before the final turn to once again get rid of straight track.

-Turn off the brakes on the Beast.

-Retrack the Texas Giant.

-Shoot Wicked Twister to the top.

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i would extend the first part of goliath and or remover the trims.


i would remove the uncomfortible leg retraints on superman ride of steal sfne, (modified intmin t bar with wrap around your legs un padded restraints the force your legs back.)


superman uf would be more like air or just simply longer.


extend x


give exclibur at funtown the tunnel it was supposed to get (cci ran out of time cause they ran off to build ghost rider)


and remove th otsr's on revulution.


sfmm should build a new coaster caled meltdown and for the grand opening they could melt down flashback since it's about useless now.

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Add more bunny hops to Millennium Force like everyone else has said.


Top Thrill Dragster - take the drop down to ground level so it is 420 ft (take that Kingda Klosed), add a couple of ride of steel (sfne) style camelbacks straight after that, then an overbank, some more bunny hops, and then a spiral helix and then the brake run.


Here here to bonfires involving Mean Streak and Psychlone, maybe Son of Beast could have a similiar event (I haven't ridden it but most people seem to say it is atrocious).


Goliath (SFMM), make the first and second drop 90 degrees, and more airtime.


Ride of Steel (SFNE) : ditch those leg restraints though I wouldn't change a thing about the coaster except maybe make the first drop steeper.


Nitro: make it more intense, maybe 2 person wide trains would make it more intense because the layout is unreal.


Batman Chiller: make it an operating coaster, instead of an enticing lawn ornament.

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well, I would change Xcelerator, instead of the second over bank wrapping around the top hat, and turning right, I'd have it fly behind the top hat while turning left, and then do a camal back, or 2, then another over bank, more camal backs, then do something and make it fly into the brakes, then it would have 100% covered the need of any air time/hyper thing, but they weren't thinking and just put in a lightning fast hyper coaster with 1 major dosage of air time, 2 boring overbanks, 1 adrenaline rushing launch, and 30 seconds of ride time (I think of it as 10 because the last 20 seconds are so boring...) Which reminds me, I would have more g forces going through the overbanks.

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I'll have to agree with the Revolution restraint change as well as adding a few more twists, turns, helices, and bunny hills to Goliath (and Titan). I'd also remove the midcourse block on Collosus and change it back to the way it was. Then I'd also make it race.


Out east I'd grease Rolling Thunder, give Hydra some forces, and take off the trim on Comet at Hersheypark. Alpengeist would also see the lift trim removed and not such a hard midcourse stop. Montu would also have the pre-Batwing trim removed as well as the midcourse stop. Gwazi would end up operating like every other wood coaster in the world (except for J2, which would also change) and get checked in an efficient and safe manner, allowing it to actually duel like it was built to do. Finally, just off the top of my head, Drachen Fire would be rebuilt, only redesigned by a different manufacturer so that it didn't tackle everything with such awful transistions. Bring back its cutback!


That's really all I can think of right away. Give me the removal of Revolution's OTSRs though and I'd fly out there immediately!

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I would ditch the OTSRs on Revolution and get rid of the brakes

Give Collosus back the airtime, racing, and PTCs

Bring Psyclone back to its original status

Give Scream and Medusa a non parking lot theme

Make Manhurtin Express smooth

Retrack Roar

Kevin"Thats it"Bujold

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Complete retracking on Thundercoaster and new PTC trains that doesnt ruin the track. Its such a shame that a coaster can turn from fantastic to just 'alright' in a few years. Most of the ejector airtime has turned into light-floater air. A steeper second drop would also be amazing!

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