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Robb & Elissa in Asia - 2016!

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Awesome! KidZania looks like just the coolest place ever. Each time after you post a report I go look up the nearest location, and each time I'm disappointed it's not in the U.S. Overseas trips just aren't feasible for us right now, but this is totally the sort of place I would plan a trip around. Will do just that when they eventually build one in the U.S.

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Why doesn't America have anything like that?!

The creators of Kidzania tried the concept in the USA called "Wanadoo City" and it failed. Stories I was told from people who visited the location was that the concept just didn't work with "American's" in that, overall, American's don't value their jobs like some other cultures do, and guests found a theme park based around careers and learning to be "boring." Much the same way the original concept of Epcot has been thrown out the window because people don't want "edutainment" in this country.


There also stories how self-entitled American's didn't like things like the parents sitting outside of the career location while they watch their kids inside. They had to be able to get as many photos of their precious little snowflake children and would break the rules and concept of the park. It really is just something that would never work in America, sadly, because it seems to work in like EVERY OTHER culture in the world if you look at the locations they are in. What it comes down to is that American's aren't smart enough, nor patient or understanding enough for this concept to work in the USA.

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^What he said.


During one of the activities there was a very annoying and poorly behaved boy. The teacher kept having to stop him from doing the wrong things and he was just distracting the whole group. KT came out of the activity and said "This is would every activity would be like in the US!"


That being said, I believe we'll be experiencing two more Kidzania's this year in two different countries so I'm very intrigued to see how they are.

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The city I grew up in had something similar to this, no where near the scale obviously, but all of the elementary schools in the area took annual field trips to it and the facility might have even been owned/operated by the county school system. It was a long time ago but I remember there being there being a driving school, a shop class type thing, and some career based learning activities for kids all in a standalone facility. I can't for the life of me remember what it was called but it was a cool concept at the time. Probably doesn't exist anymore for the same reasons Kidazania hasn't succeeded in America.

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^Yeah, there are absolutely smaller more 'non-profit' versions of this around the US. Some science centers, kids museums, school based play, etc. But the scale of this place is just crazy!


Yeah it's hard to tell from the pictures how big the place is but it looks really cool.

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A kidzania opened in London a little while ago. I'd love to take my Niece along but have always been worried the experience would be similar to how you've described how the USA version went. It does look great but i feel it may not work as well in the British culture. Although at the moment as it's in London I assume they are just teaching the kids how to strike

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A kidzania opened in London a little while ago. I'd love to take my Niece along but have always been worried the experience would be similar to how you've described how the USA version went. It does look great but i feel it may not work as well in the British culture. Although at the moment as it's in London I assume they are just teaching the kids how to strike


LOL to the strike comment!


The London version is one of the ones we're hoping to try later this year. We'll be sure to do a report if we make it.

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^12 is considered the max age for most activities. There are certainly some activities that a 12 year old would like, but they have to realize they'll be surrounded by mostly 6-10 year olds.


For the language barrier, as long as your child is friendly and outgoing it will be fine. If you go on Wednesday's, at least 30 activities have staff that will speak some English. On other days there are always at least a few activities where you'll find English. KT, two years in a row, managed to get through several Japanese only activities.

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One opened here in Korea at Lotte Tower (which is huge I was in Seoul this weekend and could see it from so many places) and unlike Lotte Water park (at the other end of the country) is actually next to Lotte World for those who would want to incorporate it into their theme park trips, and I definitely want to take my son there. Although at 8 months old he has a lot of growing to do first.

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Next stop... spending some time at Sega Joypolis and the Tokyo Decks area! If you are spending some time in Tokyo and you're looking for a place that is uniquely "Japanese" filled with all those wacky arcades, attractions, and shopping areas you see in so many TV shows about Japan, you need to stop at the Toyko Decks area (right outside of the Tokyo Teleport JR Train Station) and you can easily fill a good portion of a day here! Everytime we go we see things we had never seen before and we like this area even more!


Here are some photos...



This morning we are heading to Tokyo Joypolis at the Tokyo Decks! Here's the crazy looking Fuji TV building just outside!



Spending our day Joypolis! Love this indoor park!


The world's only launching looping spinning shooting/interactive indoor themed coaster with on-board audio! It's awesome!




This Half Pipe ride where you have to work together spin and score points is so much fun!




Because everything at Tokyo Joypolis is a video game... even when you pee!








If simulators and VR attractions are your thing, Joypolis has plenty of good ones!






Of course you will find a lot of Sonic themed games and attractions here!






Let's just make one thing perfectly clear... Japanese toilets are smarter than you'll ever be. Did we mention that being winter they all have seat warmers in them?





They make fresh crepes at Joypolis as well as all over Japan and they make us so happy!






There are also plenty of video games and claw machines!



Dear jack, the Odiaba Ferris Wheel says hello.



The Odaiba area is one of our favorite places in Tokyo! Amazing attractions, amusements, and shopping!






This is the best arcade in the area! Tons of capsule machines, claw machines, arcade games and totally random stuff!




Japan amusement parks are famous for these ride-on plush animals!




These coin pusher machines are so insanely complex and amazing!



Yes, that is a single-player ping pong machine!




Here you can catch and win an actual fish! Sushi anyone?






And of course plenty of awesome Japanese arcade games!






I'm not even sure how to classify some of the games you find in this arcade! But they are all so much fun, wacky and awesome!



I'm not sure what this machine is selling, but whatever it is, I'm buying!




These TsumTsum scooper machines are amazing!



Check out my winnings so far!






MegaWeb is an amazing showcase for Toyota cars!






There is a Japanese Taco Bell here! It's amazing! So much better and different from in the US!



These are the latest craze in Japan. The next TsumTsum they say. You heard it here first!



Yes, we found a Baymax tissue box holder and yes we bought it!




If you want a cat or a dog in Japan is will only cost you seven or eight thousand dollars!!!


These augmented reality screens at Joypolis were incredible and so much fun!





For some reason, the Statue of Liberty is here in Odaiba!




I love being in Japan in the winter! You get both hot and cold beverages out of the same vending machine! This Caramel Macchiato is GREAT!



We actually won & bought so much stuff today that we had to buy an extra luggage! lol Elissa is not amused but Kristen and I think it's GREAT!!! lol



"Welcome home!" Can you guys what our next update is going to be?



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When I'm married and have a house instead of an apartment, I dream of having one of those toilets in each of our bathrooms. They say you gotta dream big!

You can buy them in the west.


But there may be issues!



Although not for the price they say... they are still expensive



I still want one so much

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