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La Ronde Discussion Thread

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^ La Ronde has it all IMHO. Great location, fantastic coasters and some of the best park food in North America. Just get a fastpass, the ride ops and single trains are definitely a downside, but one that can be worked around. And definitely go at night. I got some great advice at Leviathan Bash to take the metro in for opening, head to Old Montreal for the afternoon, then back to the park for the evening.

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I enjoyed taking the metro to La Ronde also. As for the park, Goliath and Vampire are two underrated B&Ms. they definitely do not get enough love. As for the rest of the park, its not that bad, but it is the least clean of the 5 SF parks I have been to.

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I went to the park last Wednesday as a part of a family vacation, I wasn't expecting much (after reading some reviews I was almost scared to go), but the park wasn't as bad as I feared.


Goliath is one hell of a ride. Just as good as Behemoth despite being 50 feet shorter. The turnaround had some nice lateral forces, and the last couple hills were pretty good too. The airtime was great. A solid 9 to 9.5 out of 10 for me.


Vampire was pretty good as well, it was my first Batman clone, but I had an general idea of what to expect. It was a pretty good ride, the first three inversions were great. The mist at the end also felt pretty good. It was pretty intense, but I don't have many B&M Inverts to compare it to.


Monster was something I wasn't expecting much out of. For the most part I was right, but there was one drop that had amazing airtime on it, right before the helix, on the right side of the track (not sure if the left side has it as well). I was not expecting it at all, but it was the one bright spot on the ride. As for the rest, eh. It wasn't painful for me, but it was uneventful. Fun, but not thrilling. 7/10.


Boomerang was my third boomerang clone, and it was a bit better than the rest of them, but still, it was just a boomerang. Not too painful surprisingly. 6/10.


Cobra was the most painful ride of the day. I think it has a decent layout, but there was quite a bit of head banging. Not to mention the whole ride feels isolated from the rest of the park, the queue line feels like its in an abandoned parking lot. 5/10, and that's being generous.


The SLC and the Vekoma (either Vekoma or Arrow) Corkscrew was down for the day. I saw some trains running on the corkscrew, with some people in the line, but apparently it was closed. I didn't bother with Dragon or the Wild Mouse, both had long lines, and I didn't the rides warranted spending 45 minutes waiting for.


I didn't get a flash pass, but I think I would have managed to get on all the closed coaster in one day without one, given the lines. Goliath, Vampire and one side of Monstre were running two trains, all the bigger rides were running one. The longest I waited for was 45 minutes on Vampire, but they added the second train when I was halfway through the line.


The one thing that this park has going for it is it's amazing setting. The observation tower was down, but from Goliath and Monstre you could see Montreal very well and the old bridges as well. I saw a couple big boats go across the St. Lawerence, you're literally right on the water. The island located does make it a pain to get into though, (coupled with horrendous road construction), but it certainly is unique.


Ride operations were bad as expected. The ride ops seemed to lack any enthusiasm for their job, and many rides were understaffed. The boomerang had 1 person running it at one point. It left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth at first, but you get used to it. The only 'nice' employee we met was the guy selling Beavertails (which are delicous BTW). I noticed a lot more arrogant teenagers here than in Canada's Wonderland, but not much line jumping (maybe 3 times in the whole day) or other rule breaking that I feared, but be warned.


Overall, the park exceeded my expectations. If you're expecting a French Canada's Wonderland, you'll be disappointed, but La Ronde does have a decent coaster and flat ride selection given the space restrictions, but if the operations got stepped up a notch then the park would be much better.


Hope you enjoyed reading my first trip report

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That park really has a ton of potential if you got rid of the [...] clientele [...]

Please no ! I'm a good customer and I never did anything bad at my home park ! Plus, there's not so much bad clientele at La Ronde... I think the real problem with that park is the employees who lack enthousiasm, Ednör (SLC), and Cobra (Intamin Stand-up) because they are terrible !

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^ I agree the employees aren't very good (although they aren't as people lead me to believe) and I thought Le Cobra was the worst coaster I've ever riden (It worse then Mean Streak! ). To add to your improvement thoughts, I think La Ronde needs to also fix up some areas of the park (that area by Le Cobra is AWFUL).

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This past Sunday I had the chance to revisit La Ronde for the first time in six years. The park looks great as I remembered it with a good selection of rides to choose from. The park itself was packed thanks to it being the last day of the season, the last day of Fright Fest and a day eligible for Annual Passport holders (and purchasers) to get up to three guests in free with a valid pass.


Thankfully the invaluable Flash Pass is available at the park, and with the Gold level purchased, I was able to maximize my limited time to allow for me to visit almost every attraction I had hoped to experience during my short stay.


Welcome to La Ronde!


The added decor gave away the notion that it was still Fright Fest here.


Domo NOOOOO!!!!


Our day started out with a ride on Cobra, the Intamin stand up coaster that had left a painful image behind from my last visit. Thankfully, for one reason or another, the ride was significantly better than I remembered with no pain to be had!


From this angle ride really looks like a twisted mess of steel...




Time for Batman... I mean Le Vampire!


It is your standard Six Flags Batman clone, but it still packs a punch!


I'll never get tired of these intense B&M models!




So picturesque!


Need some Bouchee? Try the Poutine!


Cobra looks a little more spread out from this angle.


My hero!


Hello you!


For Larry.


The newest addition to the park's skyline... Sadly the line was too long (even with the Q-Bot) to justify waiting for.


So this is what Fright Fest looks like? Having never seen the Six Flags event before, I didn't know what level of quality to expect.




I love Quebec for so many reasons.








Did I just find an abandoned coaster to explore?


Nope! But this is the most intense looking kiddie coaster I've seen in a while.


I'm curious to know how long this has been here...


Theming! It turns out you could actually pay $7 to get on this party bus to get a drink!


For Larry.


Um... 0-0


I do love the idea of filling all of the park's water attractions' lagoons with food coloring though.


I mean, this just looks neat.


This on the other hand...


Is this one of those Jersey Shore sharks? Let me ask Joey Fantone! Oh wait...


Yay recycling!


Super Manege is a Vekoma traveling model that has been at La Ronde for a while, and I honestly expected it to break me in half.


I might have just gotten really lucky, but my ride was insanely smooth throughout and really just outright fun.


Sign of quality? In this case, I'd say so!


Franglais humor!


There... Was... Blood on the Saddle...


Operations on Le Monstre had significantly improved since my last visit with the ride actually running two trains on each side. It wasn't overly rough either which was great.


I really love the idea that the park has kept its historical monorail in operation, I just wonder for how much longer it will be here.


Sorry Cedar Point...


Jamaica has a bobsled team!


Somehow I ended up here for lunch.


I still have never had Poutine in the many years I've been traveling to Quebec. I honestly don't think I could handle it.


For Elissa!


The park is advertising next year's addition, Aqua Twist, the Mack tea-cups-on-water-ride that should be a hit with families here.


I really can't believe how much I enjoyed Super Manege!




The line for McDonalds?!?!

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Goliath was the new ride during my last visit, and I loved every second of it.


The ride is still spectacular and holds its place as one of my favorite B&M Hypers I have been on.


So much raw airtime!


And it is so incredibly smooth!


I wish the ride could be a little longer, but I'd totally be satisfied with a clone of this closer to home.


Ednör L'attaque is the newest credit to join La Ronde's lineup.


The ride's restraints are the old style SLC football pads, so be prepared to pin yourself to survive.


Thanks to Matt Damon for the tip on how to survive SLCs all those years ago!


Notice the gap between the wheels and the track?


The queue and station setup give some great closeup views of the coaster in motion.


I'll be honest. This ride had its moments of pain, but no worse than some of the better SLC's I've ridden. I'd rank it up there with Darien Lake's in terms of ride ability. Not anywhere near as awful as Six Flags New England's Mind Eraser.


At least the ride looks great!


I just wish I could experience a Vekoma SLC that is Kumali-soft-as-a-baby's-bottom-smooth!



Imported from Six Flags Astroworld, this model sadly lacks the bonus helix.


The ride has a decent thematic treatment that ties into the marketing and story behind the attraction.


The story is that Ednör is a monster similar to the one found in Lake Loch Ness, recently surfacing at La Ronde.


I love this imagery!


It isn't easy to photograph but this angle but Ednör has become a focal point of the lagoon.


I do like how the ride looks over water.


Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!


I totally didn't realize Dragon was in the park during my last visit, and I honestly forgot about it again this time around.


Here's another for Larry.


Oh, and there's a ferris wheel here too!




There was an insanely long line for one of the houses at Fright Fest. I had to skip it sadly.


The Halloween entertainment here confuses me.


Would this be considered a scare zone?


The park's sky tower...


It is sponsored by Pizza Pizza.


And is labeled so even at the top.


Seriously, poutine is a major thing here in Quebec.


I stopped by the beignet shack to get some mini donuts topped with warm nutella and marshmallows. It was amazing!


Le Monstre towers over the back section of the park.


Where else would there be a mini hockey rink redemption game?


I really love this monorail!


This wasn't at the top of my priority list since last time I had waited nearly an hour only to have it break down the train before mine.


But that doesn't stop me from taking a photo!


So remember that insane line at the back of the park by the McDonalds? That ran all the way to the front of the park into a huge row of switchbacks.


This ridiculous line is for processing of new Annual Passports so people could get vouchers to get free guests in.


And yes, there were scalpers outside selling the free guest tickets for a price.


I'm pretty sure this sculpture has been at the park since Expo 67.


Couldn't have done it without you!


Come to Orlando soon please!


There's a platinum option now that lets you re-ride once after your first scan.


Canadian SkyScreamer!


I'll get to ride one of these eventually.


And now its time to say goodbye to all our company...


Love the entrance!


Au Revoir!


Time to go have a Molson Ex!

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I had no idea that Arrow family coaster existed, pretty cool little find there. Nice update Adam, La Ronde is one of those parks that even though I know the place is terrible and all of the reviews of it I've ever read are very below average I'd still like to check that place out one of these days.

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Ok, I'm heading to La Ronde just for that hockey mini game.


Seriously, that's awesome, I might actually be able to win that one.

Winning at that game is terribly tough ! I have a friend who's a super-excellent hockey player (don't remember his grade) and his best score ever at that game is 7. To get a big prize, you need to get at least 20 points ! Also remember the holes are small, you're far from the goaler, you have 40 seconds for 30 pucks (1.33 secs./puck) and it cost 10 $CA ! La Ronde know how to make money : average players won't make more than 5 or 6 points...

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Looks like the best part of La Ronde is the mini donuts. They did do a nice job making the SLC look nice, but it looks like the older coasters haven't been touched since the day they were put up. Doesn't look like they put much effort into Fright Fest either, and they have the weirdest spider webs I have ever seen.

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(Translated via Google Translate)


La Ronde wants to ban visitors to bring their lunch on site next summer. The company Six Flags La Ronde owner, said he is always possible to bring your own food, but visitors will not be able to bring to the park.


Surprising since the amusement park in Montreal was the only that has 18 parks Six Flags America that still allowed to bring his food for the day.


Lockers located near the two entrances to the park will be leased to leave your sandwiches.


Areas will be developed picnic outside, and when it comes time to eat, the whole family must leave the park itself.


The security personnel continue to search visitors at the entrance of the site to ensure that no one can smuggle with its own food.


Management says it is a business decision to keep La Ronde "affordable" and that it will continue to invest in new rides. The price of lockers is not yet revealed, not whether it will always be worth the trouble to bring a lunch or will it be more profitable to eat there.


For the Office of Consumer Protection (OPC), or not allow visitors to bring their lunch on site is not a problem. "A restaurant would not allow you to bring your lunch from home. This is a perfectly legal business decision, "said spokesman Jean-Jacques Préaux.


Revision of future price


The management is currently promoting a new passport "seasonal restaurant" at $ 70, which gives access to two meals per visit some restaurants on site.


The spokesperson for Six Flags La Ronde, Catherine Tremblay says the passport "seasonal restaurant" is "the best way to enjoy the park."


At this price, people could, if their heart speaks, take a lunch and dinner daily, every day, from May 18 to October 27.


Impossible against whether the passport gives access to a restaurant health. The park has 23 restaurants, including several restaurants like fast food.


In addition to banning food from the outside, park management is currently reviewing the rates of entry, parking and food sold by one of the eight restaurants that it manages.


"The rates are reviewed annually. The price list will be announced in the coming months, "she said, without confirming whether they will be revised upwards.


As an index, say, between 2011 and 2012, the average cost for a one-day visit for a family of four (two adults and two children) who did not have passports, amounted to $ 242 including the entrance fee ($ 45 per person) and a meal for four ($ 35 tax included).


In 2012, for the same stay, the price for a similar day had risen to $ 256. If the price of tickets ($ 50) jumped $ 5, the cost of a meal for four, with four slices of pizza, a portion of chips and four drinks family was down to $ 27 taxes included.


Reverse in 2012


May 14, 2003, before the opening of the season, the direction of La Ronde had to backtrack after the outcry by announcing a similar ban, which had been the subject of a report in Le Journal de Montreal.


In addition to prohibiting access to lunch boxes on the site, the management had also increased the prices of fast food. The price of portions of chips jumped 34% this year.


Saying "surprised by the magnitude of the reaction to this announcement," Officer, who claimed to be "listening to its customers," changed his mind the next day.

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I also received a newsletter from La Ronde about this awful new rule. The last time they tryed to instore such a system at La Ronde, they received hundreds of complaints since the city of MTL (former owner) was allowing outside food. I never spent a penny at La Ronde for food except for ice cream (because I LOVE ice cream ) and this price augmentation will most likely make me want to spend even less money for food.

In the worst case, I live 15 minutes from the park so I eat at home. Take that Six Flags !

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^ The park has been owned by Six Flag's for more than 11 years now. I'm sure that's more than enough time for people to give Six Flag's the opportunity to change some very basic policies.


I never spent a penny at La Ronde for food.....

....and I think you just gave an excellent answer as to why this type of decision is made...

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Don't get me wrong, I know these kinds of rules are extremely common (if not nearly universal), and I understand the reasons behind them. But it's still annoying to hear about a change. At least to me. I don't envy whoever has to deal with the inevitable obnoxious and poorly thought out complaints, even if more people are okay with it this time around.

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I was just going to say...there's still parks out there that allow you to bring your own food in (without smuggling it like contraband)?


I do remember the days that we were able to bring a cooler and such into the park but one year the policies changed...that meant a long trek out to the parking lot and picnic at the car (SFDK has quite a long walk to get from the parking lot to the park itself, or you can hop on the tram (which you pretty much spend the same amount of time in line and hitching a ride).


CGA has a closer walk to the parking lot (especially where we usually park) but we typically eat inside anyway as we get a discount on food (Season Pass perks).

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If you'd do such a move at a Scandinavian Sommerland you could skip the effort and file for bancruptcy right away. On most Sommerlands the parking lot is behind the entry gate so you can always walk to your car and get as much drink and food as you want from it. Kinda love that way...


But in Europe I always take a handcart when going with some friends into a park and load it up with beer and a well-stocked picnic. Every park here features shaded picnic and BBQ areas - but you're also allowed to picnic on the grass throughout the parks.


Normally the funny food/drink policies in US parks don't limit my experience as I mostly travel alone but I'd find them quite strange if visiting with friends...

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(This post doesn't have anything to do with the new food rule)

Hi, recently as I was getting rid of my 2012 calendar (I made it myself so I wanted to keep it), I found out some old La Ronde stuff from when I was very young. I found the ticket I used to go to the park for the first time (in 2001 !), my first season pass (2005), and other season passes from 2006, 2007 and 2008.

For peoples who doesn't understand french, on the 2001 ticket it's hand-written by my mother "3 1/2 years old, with his cousin Félix".

Also, for the peoples who are wondering why I hided my face, well I looked horrible on my old season passes .

Whatever, here they are :


Some old La Ronde tickets and season passes

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