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La Ronde Discussion Thread

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I didn't mean to be annoying or skeptical, it's just because I was surprised to see such an official confirmation coming out from nowhere all of a sudden. I also follow it on Xtreme La Ronde and found the same stuff, but I always prefer to have reliable sources. It happens too often on the internet that someone who doesn't know anything about the subject proclaims itself an "expert" and start saying some crap.



I don't blame you, i've seen a lot of these "experts" that doesn't know anything. But trust me i'm not one of them. My sources are VERY reliable, and has been very reliable for many years now. They are the one that told me that the new ride in 2013 would be a flat ride, I knew that months before Six Flags made the Aqua Twist announcement. Still people were telling everywhere that the new ride would be a roller coaster, and that the "twist" clue in the picture was for a pandemonium. Then Six Flags release the announcement of a the Aqua Twist, which is a flat ride, as I told everybody 2 weeks before the announcement.


Those same sources told me 2 days before the opening of "Le Monstre" in june, that the ride would open that exact day. Still, people on the boards were telling me that I was wrong. Two days later, Le Monstre was open. Those sources also told me about the Ovni ride being removed, few months before 2007 season's openning, and before La Ronde removed it from it's website.


They are EXTREMELY reliable, but you have to understand that I cannot reveal their names on public forums. But I know that a lot of you guys don't know me. I don't blame you. It is not easy to trust someone these days....


So the ride is a Mondial Roll Over, manufactured in the mid 90's, and completely refurbished. The ride should sit at the former OVNI spot,or somewhere between that spot and the former Twister spot. The soccer game is going to be either removed or sent somewhere else in the park.


Does he work for dippin' dots?

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Demon looks like a great ride. Hopefully we will see more inverting flats in other Six Flags parks in the near future! I'm curious of the full ride program or what this type of "top spin" attraction is capable of. I would love a program like Talocan! .....but that is wishful thinking! How is the ride program on Tomb Raider Machine at Movieland?


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Oh, La Ronde. Is there anything you don't do wrong?


La Ronde under fire for scanning visitors' fingerprints


La Ronde, the Montreal amusement park owned by Six Flags, is scanning biometric data from its users to admit them to the park. The only problem is, it hasn't been cleared to do so.


This year, the park brought in measures to scan what it calls “fingerpoints." The scans of season-pass holders’ index fingers are then used to admit them to the amusement park.


“So what happens is season-pass owners come to the park, they have two options. Either they can do a traditional way, so they can get a season pass with picture or they can go through our new system, which is quicker,” La Ronde’s communications officer Jules Hébert told CBC Daybreak on Wednesday.


He said a person can gain access to the park in just nine seconds using this method.


However, according to Quebec privacy commissioner spokeswoman Isabelle St-Pierre, in order to operate a biometric database, a company or institution needs to first make a request to do so to the Commission d’accès à l’information du Québec — a step she said La Ronde has not yet taken.


“Six Flags has not declared this database yet,” St-Pierre said.


She said that the privacy commission looks at what the applying company wants to do with the information and how it will preserve, consult and destroy it.


But Hébert from La Ronde said the park, which is owned by Six Flags, sought legal advice before implementing the finger-scanning procedure.


"We’re working within the law, so we feel very comfortable," he said.


La Ronde's policy is part of parent company Six Flags' new biometric pass.


Hébert tried to argue semantics on Daybreak on Wednesday, saying that the finger-scanning picked up fingerpoints, and not fingerprints.


“It will identify points on your finger and it’ll generate a mathematical formula. That formula will be saved on our local servers, and every time you come and scan your finger we’ll try to coordinate these points with your fingerpoints. So this is the process. There are no fingerprints, we don’t say fingerprints,” he told host Mike Finnerty.


But Boris Perron, an investigator specialized in information technology with the Quebec privacy commission, said fingerpoints are the biometric measure of fingerprinting — and both fingerpoints and fingerprints are subject to privacy laws governing biometric databases.


Perron explained that when a scanner reads a person's finger, it picks up points, or characteristics, that identify a person. A database can store those points and not a direct image of the fingerprint, but it's sort of six of one and half-dozen of the other.


He said of fingerpoints, "That's what the biometric measure is."


Part of the law on information technology stipulates that citizens must be given the option of not supplying their biometric data.


“You can’t refuse a service or good to a person because they refuse to give their biometric data,” St-Pierre said.


Hébert said the park does offer an alternative option to its users, even if an information leaflet it distributes describing how to enter the park doesn’t make that clear.


Disney theme parks in the U.S. have already introduced biometric screening.


Source: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/la-ronde-under-fire-for-scanning-visitors-fingerprints-1.2649510

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Rode Demon yesterday. It was honestly not that interesting. Top Spins and similar rides are much more intense. This would maybe be a good replacement for a looping starship if you're into hang time. But then, even a looping starship is more intense. It was also a very short program, which didn't change throughout the day.


It does look good though and hey...Frank's Red Hot. People really do put that s**t on everything

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