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What was your first coaster with a inversion?

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SuperMan: Ultimate Flight at SF Great Adventure when I was 14 and what a terrible one it was. Didn't understand all inversions aren't like pretzel rolls! I would end up not riding a ride with an inversion till Montu at BGT a few years later. While I'll ride it, I still give Ultimate Flight the stink eye.

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I think it was the Wild Thing here in Federal Way, WA. It's an absolutely horrible Arrow loop & screw--it's just all wrong. The drop is the only enjoyable moment, and everything thereafter is absolute misery. The loop is taken so fast I struggled to keep my head upright, the corkscrews are super rough and require extreme defensive riding, and the transition into the final turn feels like being in a minor car crash. I don't know how to adequately describe my disdain for that machine, I rode it again recently and it's every bit as horrible as I remember. Somehow there are still long lines for it during the summer.


The best part: they make you ride it twice. Really. They send it around twice to make sure you get your punishment in full.


Edit: video

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Revolution at SFMM when I was 6. There were no otsr, just a lap bar. When we went through the loop, I leaned forward instead of back, and the forces folded my body in half with my head between my knees. It hurt so much, but I wanted to ride again. I tried to ride Viper (it had just opened), but was about an inch too short. Went back when I was 7 and rode it and loved it.

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