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What's the lamest first drop you have been on?

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Do you mean like for a full sized coaster? I'm pretty sure anyone who has been on some crappy kiddie coaster could easily claim that, but if you're talking like a full "adult" ride, oddly enough the first one that comes to my mind is Nemesis. And for a ride that is one of the best coasters in the world it has a terrible "first drop!" lol

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Mean Streak's trimmed first drop is dull as dishwater. It feels like stalling down a slight ramp. I don't think it's the horrid ride some make it out to be, but a 155 ft. drop shouldn't under-deliver to the extent that it does.


I expect a few shout-outs will be given to Silver Bullet, as well.


Mean Streak at Cedar Point. I have never seen such a big first drop do so much of nothing.


Beat me by two minutes! Amen.

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Mean Streak is a victim of a severe trimjob during the first drop. Not it's fault.

Silver bullet is not steep, but not to the point where it should merit a "that entire ride sucked my left nut" bad.

As for "lamest" first drops on an "adult" coaster, Time warp (and associates) has a 54" height requirement, so in my opinion, look no further!

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Hmm, if we're talking major/otherwise good coasters here, I'd say Silver Star has a pretty lame first drop. It's right over an asphalt road and it has that ugly scream shield all the way down on the right side of the track ruining the view somewhat... And it doesn't really offer much airtime unless you're wayyyy in the back of the train. I have to say I enjoyed the rest of the ride a lot though!


I remember Goliath (SFMM) being pretty good actually, but judging from the comments here I may be wrong...

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Jumping on the Titan/Goliath train. For dropping 255 feet, it should actually do something. Instead, all it does is build up speed for the other boring parts of the ride (death helices).

I can't wait to ride an actually awesome hyper.

Titan is just fast, intense and smooth.

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I'll throw Kumba in as having a lame first drop considering how awesome the rest of the ride is. It's definatly different but I never was a fan of the long relativley falt curving drop, doesn't have any airtime and really doesn't feel like it gets moving until after your through the first loop, but after that it's a top 10 ride.

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Raptor and Kraken might be the only B&M first drops I really like (haven't been on Fury or Leviathan yet).

As someone who's been on leviathan's drop, I'd say it's good, but not my favourite; best b&m drop I've done would have to be Vampire's (La Ronse batman clone).


As for lame drops, that'd be a tie between Mindbender (Edmonton) and Vortex (CW). Both are really intense, thrilling rides with lackluster, airtime-less first drops.

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