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  1. Welp, judging by the email that just rolled out it's only one ride so I guess that shoots the flat rides rumor. Looks like a JL:BFM or "The Experience" or whatever they're going for
  2. A lot of SF parks' surveys was focused on JL and different names for the ride... they might as well stick to JL:BFM
  3. So did they have you get off there or did ride mechanics simply push the train back into action? The brakes just released us after stopping us on the mcbr twice
  4. As to the few who wanted to know why we stopped, I don't know why but 2 ride attendants were walking the catwalk up the lift right before the train I was on dispatched. And next thing you know we hit an abrupt stop at the mcbr. We sat there for like 10min then the train released and then quickly stopped us right before we left out of it... then later it released again and we continued
  5. I just came to the park just to find it, didn't see it anywhere *trying to think what dotd means*
  6. ^thanks. I went like 3 weeks ago and they just had fences with the piles of dirt. September 1st seems so far away.
  7. I went to SFOG on the 19th and seen their 2017 construction boards up. Is there anything special at MM teasing about their plans?
  8. Take that back they do have 3 running, they're just incredibly slow for some reason
  9. Only 2 trains running on TC today. Do they always not have 3 trains running when it's not crowded?
  10. Guys, we might be getting a flat ride finally! A Harley Quinn theme would be nice for it.
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