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Switchback Roller Coaster at ZDT`s Amusement Park

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The trains look great on the track! Can't wait to try out this coaster. I have said it before, but I will say it again. I feel like this is one of the most over looked projects of 2015, and it sure seems like one of the most unique.

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This looks awesome and having another park with a great coaster to go to in Texas will be great (and was unexpected)!


The forward run looks incredible, but the return backwards lags so much and seems like it will feel so tame after the forward run. I know the ride will probably speed up a bit as it breaks in, but the return will still be significantly slower.


I also know this is a small park that probably has a budget but I wish they could have some sort of slight launch on the spike similar to Mr. Freeze to give it close to that same momentum on the return.


Regardless, it looks awesome and I love the innovation. Not the most out of this world concept, but something no one else has tried. It's great that a small family park can be innovative in a category where bigger parks haven't as much.

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