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  1. With today's guidelines the park will never reopen. To get the positive test % low enough for the yellow tier will always find more asymptomatic cases than the yellow tier permits in a county with 3.3 million people. Virus strains circulate for years in spite of our vaccine efforts; we have never tested for them among the asymptomatic.
  2. And water coasters don't present the height issue that water slides do...he can do them!
  3. ^^Speaking from Lockdownland (CA) if I could ride Banshee again now (as I had planned to this summer) it would feel AMAZING! ^^^Thanks for the update! This park is doing a great job!
  4. ^One thought with this lead time is you could carry N95 material masks with you and wear them when you have concerns. Really depends on the conditions you find, as you say.
  5. Thanks! So those coasters would be 69 tickets. With 11 more tickets for flats, 80 tickets which would be $64 at Weis. Maybe consider the difference a worthwhile donation to help the park. Just a thought.
  6. ^Just curious, what does your typical list of rides on a Knoebels day look like (in general terms)?
  7. I do have faith that the Imagineers will deliver...eventually. Watch the excellent TPR POV of MMRR to see what they can do with constraints. No doubt the budget will be lower now, and it will take a while, Don't worry about the ride having an edge...if there's one thing Disney rarely avoids, it's an edge.
  8. Kinda fuzzy...a giant bayou tree? https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2020/06/new-adventures-with-princess-tiana-coming-to-disneyland-park-and-magic-kingdom-park/ Wow. My guess is 2024.
  9. Cleverly managed social media (twitter. Change.org) by the mouse to timely boost this 2019-origin project. With no remaining prospect for cashflow from the IP a win-win for corporate. I'm happy as long as the original ride stays at Tokyo. My daughter's childhood is connected to it and we love Japan...and will return when we're allowed. Like everyone under 25, her knowledge of the songs is not from a movie she's never seen but from the Sing-Along Songs animation excerpts that used to be on the Disney channel.
  10. Ditto. The state allowed 1600 per block of Virgina Beach a month ago. Sane fate for KD?
  11. Thanks for the awesome, encouraging report! If there's a silver lining of this awful year it may be that Six Flags has incentive to master food mobile order fulfillment... I can dream!
  12. Before you pay for the ticket online you choose the reservation time...currently you can pick between 10 and 2 on that day for a single day ticket.
  13. Perhaps higher staffing ratios help with mask "reminders". We just got the statewide mask order in CA so I hope this helps with parks reopening here.
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