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IMPORTANT QUESTION! How do you prefer to read TPR Updates?

How do you prefer to read TPR Updates?  

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  1. 1. How do you prefer to read TPR Updates?

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Both, but primarily the park index. Easier to "read through" the reports without all the comments. I like the current "official TPR update thread" though, seems like best of both worlds.

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I like both but I think it works better in the park index even though I forget that info is there. Putting it in the park index would make me look at that part of the website more often, not just the forums. As long as there is a link to the trip report in the forum, I think that is what I would prefer. I like both ideas though.

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As a newer member, I never realized there were trip reports the park index. It's hard enough to keep up with how active the forums are so I didn't poke around there. Now that I just looked around, the Park Index looks like a great place to be able to easily find them for someone researching a trip (like I will use them in the future now that I know they are there. ) [disclaimer: my job and family have been keeping me very busy so I've had to step back on my coaster/theme park enthusiast activities which includes time on TPR. ]


Too bad the TRs weren't some kind of 'self contained object' in the park index so that an instance of the object could be called in the forums. That way you wouldn't have to cut and paste and if you made an update to the TR in the park index, it would also update the corresponding report in the forums.


EDIT: By the way, thanks for the email notices like the one asking for feedback on this thread! When I am so busy like right now, it's great to be aware of the topic and to be able to come directly to this forum thread and provide my feedback.

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I prefer reading them in the Park Index. This was actually the reason I started reading TPR on a regular basis... I loved reading about the trips! I don't really care about reading other people's comments, so I rarely keep up with the trip reports when they're posted to the forums.

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Best practices says you continue doing both.


On the forum gives immediacy to entrenched customers that enjoy reading current news and commenting on it in real time.


The park index adds completeness to potential new customers that are just familiarizing themselves with your product.


To choose one or the other eliminates potential viewers.

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