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IMPORTANT QUESTION! How do you prefer to read TPR Updates?

How do you prefer to read TPR Updates?  

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  1. 1. How do you prefer to read TPR Updates?

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Hey everyone -


Question for you all...


How do you prefer to read our TPR Updates?


On the Forum - Displays all our photos at once in one long post, sometimes separated into different parts, but usually one group of 50-70 photos at once. The forum allows for easier commenting and discussions with other members and us who posted the original report.


On the Park Index - Displays a nicer format for the report, 20 photos per page, easier to load on some devices, but doesn't offer an easy way to have a discussion about the report.


BOTH - Do you prefer us to do a version on the forum for discussion and then also a version on the park index for later reference?


The poll is only going to have the top two options, because that is what is most important to us, but if you do like BOTH, please choose which option you prefer the most for our initial posting of the report, and then respond back to this with BOTH.


This will greatly help us moving forward.


Thank you!




EDIT: And just to give you an idea. Here is the same trip report posted to the...


Forum: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=67933


Park Index: http://www.themeparkreview.com/parks/photo.php?pageid=804&linkid=13437

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I like both. Having it on the forums is a great way to get discussion going about the park, which is a lot of fun in the short term. However, putting it on the park index allows us (and non-TPR readers) to simply click on the park and see all of the trips that TPR members have taken there. This would allow us to get a feel of the park before we decide to make a trip to it.

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Both, I like to read the TR's in the nice multi-page format (less pictures a page loads faster on my phone or the offices super slow wi-fi) then head over to the forums and discuss it or read other peoples opinions (although if I want a laugh and the TR has offended some die-hard park fans *cough* Parc Asterix *cough*I just go straight to the TPR facebook page to see the crazies come out ). But normally the only park index updates I read are either new ones I see on the home-page or a park i'm specifically interested in visiting in the near future. Before I subscribed to the TPR update thread I missed updates occasionally and had no idea there were some official TR's posted in specific discussion threads.

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I missed updates occasionally and had no idea there were some official TR's posted in specific discussion threads.

This is one of the main reasons why I've brought up this question. We have typically done bigger TR's in the Park Index (TPR Tours, major media events, etc), but then sometimes we'll do smaller ones on the forum, and people will miss them. It's a tough balance when you have two separate places for reports to be located. And if enough people like reading them in both places, we'll make a better effort to cross them over.

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I much prefer the forum so that we can talk about them, but I would like to see more amateur trip reports posted in the forum added to the park index links, so they are easier to find.


The park index gives a more serious impression though, I don't know if that matters (I don't think it does).

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As was mentioned before, I like both, as they accomplish two different things. With the Park Index, it seems neater. With the Forum, I get to read other people's opinions (I love to laugh).


Maybe posting the first page of the formal TR (Park Index) in the forum would generate discussion, and then link to the rest of the report in the Index.

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I like the park index, with a linked forum topic for discussion. That way the comments aren't interspersed throughout the trip report. The forum format is fine, though, as long as there's an index at the top of the first post.

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Both are useful.


I prefer reading forum updates more, but park index is maybe more convenient for trip planning.

Coincidentally I'll be going to Japan just next month, and have been reading those weird parks reports to get some ideas about possible places to visit.

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