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Kolmården Discussion Thread

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April-weather in Sweden.

It's always crazy!

It rains, it snows, it hails... You have the awesomely warm and pretty days and the incredibly cold and windy ones... It switches like crazy. Sometimes within a day.

It's like nature can't decide if it's winter or spring...


For some reason, I love the voice and demeanour of this Damien dude. Seems like a great character!

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Also some more info have surface about the situation with the building permit.


During the fall the Land and Environmental High Court granted permission for another appeal, this time it's the last stage in the hierarchy before it's final.


A decision will come during the fall 2016, but Wildfire will be able to operate on an exemption this summer since it in fact have received a building permit (that is being challenged). An investigation about the birdlife and the coaster will have to be done this spring and is gonna be part of the final ruling.


It is however highly unlikely that the high court will come to any other conclusion than what the regular Land and Environmental Court did, but they just can't skip the highest court for the sake of it (this is Sweden after all). Also Kolmården is feeling so confident in this ride that they are proceeding with construction, so I don't see any reason to worry here.


What's really is annoying is that the park have to live with the uncertainty. Also annoying is all the levels of bureaucracy there is in this country -.-

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Kolmården has done something INCREDIBLE! I can't believe it is really happening, and i'm surprised if that is not world's best roller coaster Really, this coaster is amazing! Sweden won gold with this....


"unlike hockey this year" -Said a normal, bit jeallous finn:ME!

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