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Kolmården Discussion Thread

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Okay let's look at the hints Robb has given. I believe this is the same project he posted a status about stating it would be a game changer. So throw out all simple ideas. In this thread alone he stated it would blow us away. He also stated that he would drop everything to go and that it's big. So again think outside the box on this one.


My guess RMC is building a very long wooden coaster that at some point you will stop near some fire and it will launch you. The first launched wooden coaster. RMC wants to be a big player overseas. I could also see S&S or Intamin build the launch wooden coaster. I'm not sure why but I feel like this is going to be a wooden coaster. Can't wait till April to find out.

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This is exciting news! When a project gets teased two years out, you know it's going to be something revolutionary. Or at least when it starts getting big TPR hype. Time to start saving for the 2016 TPR Scandi Trip.


Prediction: Launched inverted hyper woodie aquatrax (this is finally going to be the one!)

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Never heard of this park before, does it have any coasters/non zoo attractions? I guess they've been saving big bucks to put in something that will get people talking and eventually coming through their gates.
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I would assume we are breaking a height and length barrier here! I'm thinking 400 or 500 ft. I'm thinking it wont be a one trick pony like TTD Or Kingda Ka either. Either way this is awesome and we will all know soon enough! Thanks for teasing us with this Robb! Crazy fun to speculate! I must ask though, does it not just drive you crazy to not be able to spill the beans!?

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This is what I think with Robb's words (referring to the "drop our plans" quote) and the trailer: A Falcon Fury like drop towers that goes into a tunnel with fire effects. Great trailer, Parks are actually verry good at making these teasers. I doubt we see a coaster here but it could be possible, I'm not saying It won't but it's not screaming it in my eyes. Although with the 2016 opening it actually makes sense if it is a coaster.

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