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  1. Hey guys! I've been creating some lego models based upon theme park attractions. Mostly UK rides so far, however I'm most proud of my Rise of the Resistance model and wanted to share it with everyone here. I have an etsy shop up where you can purchase the instructions for it as well: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/TrackTap Hope you like it!
  2. If I could actually make it to that day then I would, however I can't, which is why it's so annoying xD
  3. It's a shame that Winter Wonderland us such a massive rip-off, as they have some truly amazing rides there, especially if Olympia is there, and as a result, my wallet is likely to get a lot lighter this winter .-. I understand that the organizers of the event and owners of the rides also need to make a profit, but surely a permanent wristband system would attract more people who already view it as a money-grabbing event (myself included).
  4. Me on a good day: Me on a not so good day (village idiot):
  5. Long shot, but it could be a wooden coaster with a drop like TH13TEEN... Or a drop tower like Falcons Fury... Or perhaps even another Vekoma like Gravity Max... Just the first mad ideas that pop into my head... haha
  6. Not really a coaster, but still a really cool image from google. SFOT demolishing that tall thing...
  7. Hi guys. I know this topic was rather old, but I was browsing through google earlier, and came across this. The coaster ruined in hurricane sandy. I found a few images of them demolishing it. Here you go. Oh, also... Hello there. I'm new.
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