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  1. The line for congo rapids could look long but from the entrance im always on within 20 minutes. Log Flume on the other hand could get a 3 hour wait on a busy day. same with the safari. i recommend doing Zumanjaro Drop of Doom first then Kingda Ka then safari. it really is a fun ride.
  2. i couldnt get any pics my cell was at home i will try to later but its RMC track
  3. There is RMC track outside of the warehouse the Casino pier stores there rides in the winter!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Anyone who wastes their time riding Kingda Ka doesn't deserve a short cut to El Toro. Excuse me?!?
  5. I know someone at Six Flags He said that they are trying to get Kingda Ka and Zumanjaro to open with the park. so you might not have a problem there.
  6. Well, to be fair, it is a smug little bastard being all "look at me, look at me, I'm the tallest, blah blah blah!" Just want to slap that mountainous grin off its face... Construction update Zumanjaro has gone vertical!
  7. SFGAdv. nothing wierd about that but when they show a GateKeeper POV thats wierd
  8. That's no excuse, Busch Gardens Williamsburg competes with DC and yet somehow they find it within their budget to keep their park pristine and beautiful every year. There's no reason SFGA can't build big new rides AND work to improve infrastructure. They're just cheap bastards who don't care about the customer experience. Seriously, the layout of the park as it is now is one of the worst of any park I've ever been to. yea but Busch Gardens only competition is Six Flags trashmerica
  9. i live right over the seaside bridge. our shore just cant catch a break, i just came from seaside the S&S tower is leaning.
  10. It was me that reported it im going back today to see if there was any movement or anything new to report.
  11. I think im the only one that noticed that the promo video is made with Theme Park Studio
  12. Hit up El Toro or Kingda Ka first, and Granny's is the best for food save Green Lantern for later in the day the line at around 5-6 are 20 minutes
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