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New Wanda Parks in China.

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Does anyone else think a tilt coaster is a liiiiittle unnecessary? I mean, you already have the lift hill...you're just adding a maintenance nightmare to your portfolio of coasters, and I don't think thrill wise that this is doing anything a standard coaster could do.


Now that Intamin Winged Shuttle, THAT looks fantastic! The whole time I was trying to figure out...how is this thing gonna work.

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Wait, so this park both has the Intamin mega & launched shuttle?! That is a seriously impressive line-up I have to say

No. This thread is about all of the Wanda-parks, and the rides you mention are at different parks.


Wanda Nanchang (open)


- Intamin mega

- GCI woodie

- a knockoff SLC (with a unique layout)


Wanda Xishuangbanna (open)


- B&M Flying Coaster

- Intamin watercoaster

- Zamperla motocoaster


Wanda Hefei (opens in September)


- Intamin shuttle launch

- mysterious tilt coaster

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Actually it looks way better than I though. Nice layout and great pacing but you can still tell some transitions aren't the best (although they definitely look much better)

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It always baffles me why parks with enough money to build amazing rides and amazing theming such as that weird intamin hyper or duel tilt coasters would build a Golden Horse ride... I mean, wouldn't it be better to actually hire Vekoma for it?


Didn't Golden Horse get, like, banned from IAPPA or something for basically being Vekoma ripoffs?



Having said that however - that layout looks super fun. If Vekoma were to do it and not Golden Horse I'd probably even be excited about it. But as it stands I imagine the thing would be more painful than enjoyable.

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While we've known for a while that Wanda City in Harbin, China would be building a Chinese SLC the ride has finally completed construction and not without a fairly unexpected surprise.


The ride is a mirror image of Soaring Dragon & Dancing Phoenix at Wanda City in Nanchang which we saw earlier in this thread, However the manufacturer has gone with a completely new track system in Harbin, doing away with the old Vekoma style system we've seen so far. This means theres a switch from inside guide wheels to outside and a generally smoother looking system.


It begs the question, now these rides have their own unique layouts and track system they can't really be called knock offs anymore can they?


Also below are two photos of the parks other coasters, a highly themed custom mine train design and a standard spinning wild mouse.









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What's the sloped building behind it? I thought it was an indoor ski-slope but it's huge compared to the SLC.


Correct, it's a huge indoor ski slope, There is also a shopping mall in there somewhere and I think a Cinema but the main part of the building is indeed a huge ski slope. It does make the SLC look tiny in comparison.

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^Yea, I enjoy the resorts here in Korea where I learnt to ski, even if they probably work out a lot smaller and busier than outside Asia, but the two indoor ski resorts I have ever visited (one here and the one in Milton Keynes, UK) were both so tiny with only 200m long slopes I guess I was just taken aback by the size of that one in the second picture.

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It took me exactly four looks to realize that the inverted coaster ISN'T a giant inverted boomerang layout. It looks to be inspired by...Odyssey?

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