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Your guilty pleasure ride

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Thunderhawk at Dorney has the potential to be the best ride in the park by far in my opinion. It's hard to imagine now but this ride can easily be great. The top of the first and second turnarounds create insane ejector air in the front car and the bunny hops would have nice floater without the trim. Unfortunately the ride is trimmed to death and has now become a rough piece of crap. It's sad but we almost never ride it anymore.

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I almost forgot about Mad Houses/Haunted Swings



This lovely little character house in Hanayashiki Park, Tokyo has a nifty little haunted swing inside it.

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I have a soft spot in my heart for the old fashioned swing rides, as I have fond memories of riding them as a child. And also, the swing was my best friend's favorite ride (she found coasters to be too scary for the most part, so she stuck to milder flat rides) and now I have this "tradition" of trying to ride the swing at every park that has one (unless of course the park is super-crowded and I need the time for coaster credits) in memory of her. I always ride the one at Hershey because that was her favorite one.


I also like Himalaya-type flats (not sure of the exact model/make, but I like the kind where the seats are on a platform and not so much the ones with the swinging gondola type seats), as again I have fond memories of riding those as a kid at both carnivals and parks.


Skyrides are also something I always want to do at any park that has one. There's nothing better than getting an overhead view of the park (and a bonus for the ones that will actually take you from one part of the park to another) and being able to take pictures.

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I'm probably the only person who really likes wind seekers


You're not alone... I love those things. We always ride them multiple times when we visit a park that has one.


Agreed on this one ... It's absolutely beyond me as to why these things seem to be so hated by everyone, because to me they're totally awesome! (Even if they occasionally have some issues)

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Arrow launched loops. It's not a huge drop, but they're the only ride I've been on that launches into a drop, which results in a lot of airtime as a percentage of the track length.

First one I rode was the Python at Wild World (SFA) back in 1993 - the launch made the thing shake so much that you could fall over while waiting on the platform.

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