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Today's Burning Question - SoCal or Central Florida?

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Today's Burning Question!

Southern California or Central Florida?

Which theme park destination would you rather go to?


This puts Disneyland, Universal, Magic Mountain, Knott's, Legoland, and SeaWorld of SoCal up against Walt Disney World, Universal, Islands of Adventure, Busch Gardens, Legoland, and SeaWorld of Central Florida!


Post your response below! When we get 100 responses we'll start giving away some bags of crap at random!


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I think for me, it goes something like this...


Walt Disney World > Disneyland Resort

Universal Studios Florida & IOA > Universal Studios Hollywood

SeaWorld Orlando > SeaWorld San Diego

Busch Gardens > Magic Mountain

Legoland = Legoland


Knott's is a nice icing on the cake in SoCal, to be honest, but it still doesn't make SoCal a draw for me over Central Florida.



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I'll answer this in two-part (and I know I'll take some crap from some on ths second part...):


Visiting: For the theme park nerd Central Florida (including Tampa) may hands down be the best spot in the world. Even the lowest "quality" park (which I'm not sure what that would be just saying in general) is better than most parks in the US. Heck, I think there is an argument BGT has one of the best coaster collections for a park.


Living: I know I'll get some crap for this but maybe since I've live in Orlando (in the tourist area nonetheless) for 7 years and spent many of those years working in the parks I'm actually anixous to move out... to SoCal (I know, I know it isn't all that...). Sure it is AWESOME having so many parks within in minutes (I can literally see 5 parks on my drive to work... and looking out my office window I can see four) but there isn't tons of culture here (though I will admit north of downtown there is some) and as a big sports fan Orlando sucks. I will say Orlando keeps surprising me and even in my years here I have seen the city really get better overall and many awesome, non-theme park things, are on the drawing board for the city so we'll see maybe I'll change my mind.

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Central Florida of course! ...It's where I live...So much to do between Disney, Universal, and everything along what we call "I Drive" which has water parks, gaming places, carnivals, etc. We also have convention centers, incredible movie theaters and venues and more....Def cool to be here. I am not into sports, so I don't care that Orlando isn't a big sports attraction, but I am always going to places like House of Blues for rock concerts. By the way, I am a 3D Artist (Animator), so even though I (should) be in Cali, this is a great environment to be around as an artist. But who knows, maybe if I knew what it was like in SoCal I would be just as happy~!

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Another thing to consider is whether you're into the whole "Hollywood/Beverly Hills/Malibu" thing: This would be another factor in deciding to visit southern California.


But when it comes to parks, I'd go with central Florida. One point in defense of Universal Hollywood: Tt is an actual working studio, which adds another level of interest even if it isn't as good a theme park as Orlando's version.

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I guess I would have to say central florida, don't get my wrong, after making the Cali trip this year I had a blast at disneyland, universal, of course knotts and MM. But I just like CF better, they have my fav pair of parks ( Universal Orlando Resort ) So yeah thats would have to be my favorite out of these two. But boy I tell you cali was sure awesome aswell

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I'm from California and I would pick Central Florida. Besides the fact the parks are better in my opinion, It is the traffic and distance between the parks!. LA traffic sucks. In Orlando the transportation works and you are only minutes away from the parks. Makes for a better vacation.

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Florida-- Here's why..During our first Orlando trip we were amazed by how everyone was so nice to each other. An example might be someone on the Disney monorail sees a senior citizen board and decides to stand up so they can sit down. Every time we go to central Florida we are floored by the kindness and friendliness of strangers. I've struck up conversation with random people in queues multiple times. I love that sort of thing.


When we visited SoCal- It was like I was back in New York (my home town), that friendliness and magic was gone. Everyone pretended that the person next to them wasn't there. The cast members were just running through the motions and everyone was glued to their smart phone. It was like we were all alone, together.

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This is a really though question.


I would rather visit Disneyland then Disney World but central Florida has way more theme parks then So Cal. The parks in Florida (except Disney World) are better then their Cali counterpart but Disneyland is so amazing and has so much walt disney feeling that it really might be worth.


So I would say, its a tie. Disneyland is just too amazing to be left over to go to disney world because of the other parks in Florida. Although I do plan to live in florida in the future since I wanna live close to a disney park and could never bear to live in greater Los Angels, Paris, Tokyo or Hong Kong. Since Orlando (or celebration is where I plan to live if I can) is the calmest and probably the best city to live while being close to a disney park then thats where I wanna live. Of course I will be visiting all the other Disney parks many times.

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After living in socal for 10 years, I've had more than enough time to realize that nothing there is worth a vacation. Every CF park beats their socal counterpart... for the rest, SFMM just isn't a good park, they have a lot of coasters, but how many of them are good? Ok, maybe one or two, but how many of them are great? If you can think of one let me know, because I sure can't. Knott's on the other hand... easily the best socal park, still one of my favorites. But is one great park really enough to justify a trip? Absolutely not, not when you can visit all the great CF parks.

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All these things are true. But I can't help but think that Florida looks like a giant penis. Florida is Americas limp dick. And when I go there I feel like a little crab on Americas penis. So I choo choo choose So Cal. No, wait, sorry, I think I''d rather be a crab. Damn me and my fascination with non terminal STDs.


And why does everyone keep mentioning Cedar Fair Parks? Does Floruba even have a CF park?

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