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  1. This year I will be riding my first coaster in 4 years (due to weight issues) and I am strapped for cash. Can we join a TPR trip at one of your parks if we can't afford the whole trip? I am dyeing to repop my cherry on Banshee or Goliath
  2. This coaster looks sicking! I need to get my passport again. I NEED 2 ride that coaster!
  3. I love the raw videos. I love POV of coasters around the world. TPR has the best POV videos!
  4. I have a question for ALL the company's. Are you or will you be working on a full circuit 500 ft. coaster? Dominic
  5. would love to go but alas I can't fit the coasters anymore. Oh well next year. Have fun!
  6. Rob, I ♥ your downloads. Keep them coming. Just got Roller Coasters in the RAW Volume 6 - Steel. Love it. Going to buy wood one later on.
  7. Wow what a neat coaster. I watched the fan made video and it looks intence. I never been to Dollywood but I think I will go next year. From what I have scene,it looks like a nice park.
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