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ChrisHanKwanSivus Gift Exchange 2013!

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I can neither confirm nor deny that I have revealed in some way my identity. Just as I can neither confirm, nor deny that my Santee has recieved his/her/it's gift. Just as I can neither confirm nor deny if said gift has been opened yet or has been shown here on this thread.


I am a wealth of information!


Guy "That's just the way I roll. Or do I? If that is who I really am." Koepp

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So I did receive my gift! A BIG thank You to Azza29!


What is this I see? A package from Australia!


You can see it here but was also sent a awesome ice cube tray of apps for you drink! LoL LOVE EVERYTHING! Thank you so much Azza29! You rocked it! ;)


Yay a bunch of AWESOME park maps!


This will be very handy at work!


There was more candy than this. I already ate some! LoL Delicious!


This is already on my fridge! Now I need to actually visit!

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I arrived home to find a box on my porch! I decided not to wait to open it! My daughter loves the Hello Kitty! The package also included sugar babies, green tea soap, cute Christmas socks and a pretty scarf. Thanks secret Santa!




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My gift arrived about a week ago and I decided I couldn't wait until Christmas to open!




Hello, happy box! What wonders do you hold?


Oooooo.... I love to pop these things.


Fancy gift wrap. I'm not worthy, Secret Santa! I love it though. :)


I am sooooo excited! I will share more images from my adult coloring book very soon! :)


I HAVE ALWAYS wanted one of these. Now I have to train my brain to tell time backwards.


Darts are always fun!


Thank you for my stash, Santa! I love it!

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I have been out of commission for a week with pneumonia so I'm just now getting caught up on all the awesome gifts! I have now been through the entire thread and checked off my list who has posted that they've sent and/or received a gift. Some of y'all have been incredibly silent through this whole thing! Even if you don't want to open your gift until Christmas, or don't want to post pictures, etc., please at least let us know that you've received a gift so that I can mark you off my list and your secret Santa will know that their package got there. If you don't receive something by the end of this week please PM me and I will follow up with your secret Santa. Hope y'all are having fun with this!

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