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ChrisHanKwanSivus Gift Exchange 2013!

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My gift is being dropped off at the mailing store next to my work tomorrow on my lunch break. I got a bit delayed because of going to TN for Thanksgiving, but that's where the gifts were purchased. I recruited my cousin-in-law for help. I hope my giftee enjoys my TN gifts coming to them by way of FL.

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Just letting my Secret Santa know that your box o' ChrisHanKwanSivus magic has arrived! I'm a traditionalist, so I'm going to wait until ChrisHanKwanSivus morning to open it, but thanks in advance! Can't wait to see what's inside!

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Dear Secret SanHansKwanziClaus,


I just wanted to let you know that upon return from our Thanksgiving week vacation, I had indeed received a package courtesy of the wonderful USPS!


As I am very impatient by nature, I could not wait until Christmas to open!


I will post photo evidence reflecting what a terrific Secret SanHansKwanziClaus you were as soon as I get the chance!


Thank you very much!

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I got my package in today. I was confused as to what I ordered from amazon so when I opened it I was pleasantly surprised hat it was from my secret Chrismahanakwazayulivus giver.


I love the one thing i saw before I slammed the box shut (the awesome Muppets Salt and pepper shaker! ) ill likely open it before Chrismahanakwazayulivus rolls around but I just wasn't ready tonight.

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I finally had my elf get my package out today!


Which one? I thought you weren't the lazy type!


I love to these type of fun events. well i will participate surely next time


Definitely! If Reddit went from 40K to 122K participants in their Santa Gift Exchange this year...I'm curious how TPR can grow...

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Thank you to my secret Santa (who is remaining a secret ) I'm trying to track down a camera to take pictures of my gifts. They are AWESOME! I love the soap, and the little monster is so cute he has to live at my office so I can see him when I need a smile. I especially liked the personalized card. It had a shout out to my favorite Simpsons guest voice, Thomas Pynchon! I was impressed with the hand drawn French Horn too! I've been trying to draw that since I was a wee lass and I could never get it right. As well as lots of other stuff but those were extra nifty.


THANK YOU! Pictures to follow...

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