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Did 2013 live up to your new coaster expectations?

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Now that the 2013 coaster season is drawing to a close, which do you think were the successful installations and which were a bust?


I think Flying Turns finally opening was a highlight after all these years. Not a over the top thrill ride but a good solid family ride. Should be a big hit for a while.


On the bust side, Hades 360. What is there to say but pass the aspirin!

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Iron Rattler - Closed when I was there.


Outlaw Run - Amazing. Definitely surpassed the expectations that I had. This makes me really excited for Goliath.


Gatekeeper - Meh. I actually preferred X-Flight at SFGAm. Gatekeeper looks great, and has really changed the front of the park, but it just wasn't that great. I had two very rough/uncomfortable rides on it in August. I was very disappointed with it.


Full Throttle - I didn't really follow the construction of this ride since I didn't think I'd be out in LA this year, but I came away very surprised with it at WCB. It's a little short, but I thought it was a really fun ride. My only complaint is the brakes at the end of the ride. After a few rides, it became a little painful with the abrupt stopping. The loop was really cool. Not at all what I was expecting, and the lap bar added a little extra thrill!


Those are the only 4 that I can think of...

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I didn't ride any of the new coasters this year but I'll comment based on reviews.


Hades 360 seems to be the only major bust.


Gatekeeper seems like what I expected it to be which was overrated before it opened and disappointing people. But I do think it's a good addition but it will never be a star attraction.


I was surprised to hear Outlaw Run seperate itself from Iron Rattler. I thought those 2 would be equal in praise but OR seems to be have distinguished itself from the other RMCs.


Flying Turns finally opening was great for Knoebels. Can't wait to ride that next year.


Gold Striker to me seems like the biggest success besides Outlaw Run because it put CGA on the map and gave it a star attraction. Now people have a reason to go there and it's a park on the rise. Outlaw Run did the same thing in a bigger scale with SDC imo.


As for YOLO, I made a bold prediction that it would surprise people and it seems like I was right. Glad SFMM got a solid coaster for their lineup and not just another number.


Can't wait for Goliath in 2014!

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Iron Rattler - Closed

Didn't get on YOLO


Outlaw Run = Life Changing Experience

Hades 360 = Another life changing experience but in a bad way.

GateKeeper = Extremely forgettable.


Oh, yeah! I forgot about Hades 360. It was awful. Then we got drunk. It was a good day.

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The main points on new stuff for 2013 I got to ride:


Outlaw Run - suprassed all expectations, amazing coaster.

Gatekeeper - tame, I used my fast pass on the Intamins at CP.

X-Flight (Great America) - I'm just not a fan of wing coasters, too tame, they seem to do flying coaster elements on a sit down coaster.

Iron Rattler - closed, sucks all a$$ by default.

Boomerang (SFStL) - you cannot be serious, I pity the fools that had to line up behind the TPR credit whores for this.

Hades 360 - Truly hellish, worst experience I've had on a coaster, and this used to be a fantastic wood coaster.

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Outlaw Run was so amazing. That was my second RMC that was new this year. Iron Rattler probably has one of the best first drops of any coaster I have been on. Both Outlaw and Irat were simply amazing coasters that lived up to the hype for me. (I could see myself saying the same thing for 2014 about RMC coasters)


Surprise for me this year was Full Throttle. Well just being able to make it out to WCB this year was great but Full Throttle really shocked me. I really enjoyed it.


Now for the not so amazing. Gatekeeper was just annoying because it looks so awesome but did nothing for me. Then there was Hades 360. This is by far the worse coaster I've been on. The new inversion and turn are nice but just give you enough time to get ready for the beating that you will get on the way back to the station.

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I might be the only person who liked Gatekeeper - or at least it completely met my expectations. Coaster looks great at the front of the park and I thought it delivered a pretty good ride for what it is (the first dive and the keyholes being highlights). When did it get rough? I rode about two weeks after it opened and it seemed pretty smooth at that point.


The only other new coaster I've been on this year was Coast Rider, and it was indeed exactly as expected.

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I might be the only person who liked Gatekeeper - or at least it completely met my expectations. Coaster looks great at the front of the park and I thought it delivered a pretty good ride for what it is (the first dive and the keyholes being highlights). When did it get rough? I rode about two weeks after it opened and it seemed pretty smooth at that point.


The only other new coaster I've been on this year was Coast Rider, and it was indeed exactly as expected.


I too liked Gatekeeper. First drop was really fun, as were the keyholes. I never found it to be rough or the restraints to be painful. It's not number one on my list (WAY better than Wild Eagle), but it was still a really fun ride. That was my only new coaster of the year

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I like Gatekeeper as well, but maybe not enough to say it's better than the other wing coasters in the US. The keyholes were freaking awesome though.


Iron Rattler was closed when I made it down there .


Outlaw Run was absolutely fantastic and is an easy top-5 ride for me. Hope Goliath can match it next year. Definitely exceeded expectations


Flying Turns is great for the park, and I'm really proud of Knoebel, Fetterman, and company for sticking with it all this time. I need to get up there and ride it.

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The only "New for 2013" coaster I rode this year was Gatekeeper, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Like others have said, lowering my expectations helped; but even before my ride, following the construction of it got me pumped for it. In a sense, I think I enjoy it the same way I enjoy stupid movies. While Gatekeeper is nowhere near touching my top ten list, I did think it was good enough to purchase a t-shirt afterwards.

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2013 has probably been my most active theme park-going year for me! I now visit parks with a typical group of friends who are just as crazy as I am (after all, they're also coaster enthusiasts!). What made the season besides hanging out with fellow coaster enthusiasts:

-West Coast Bash (First WCB ever, many more to come!)

-Gold Striker (My most anticipated coaster of the year, and lived beyond my expectations)

-Full Throttle - best coaster at SFMM! And airtime at SFMM?!? Does not compute. (Did I seriously just type YOLO's 'real name' and it not get struck by word filter?)

-A spring trip to SoCal (Disney and Knott's, not visited since 1998...SFMM, last visited in 2001)

-Many new credits including Full Throttle, Gold Striker, Coast Rider, and tons more!


The blunders:

-Dealing with belligerent park guests (whom which got ejected/escorted from the park)

-Still no clue what's going on with UnderTow at SCBB. I did not expect delays to happen but prepare for the unexpected

-Mysterious Gold Striker delays after the promotional shoot back in early May


All in all, it's been a really solid year! Let's see if 2014 can top off 2013!

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Outlaw Run, when it has been working, is a truly incredible experience. The planned maintenance this off-season is much needed, as OR's unreliability has really been a damper on an otherwise remarkable achievement.


Also, not a coaster but a new addition nonetheless--We went up to Dinos Alive at Worlds of Fun this year and were really impressed. I'm sure it's exactly like the other Dinos Alive exhibits, but we haven't been to any others (heretofore King's Island has been the closest park to us with a Dinos Alive). Big hit with the kids. We went in June, and my five-year-old is still talking about it.

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Outlaw Run - Absolutely FANTASTIC!!! Blew my expectations out of the water. Fabulous ride. I loved it.


Iron Rattler - Also a really fun ride. Not quite as intense as I was hoping, but I still thought it was really fun.


Full Throttlle - Fun. Nothing special or amazing, but I liked it.

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Outlaw Run: Completely shocked me by how great it was. Every twists has some great airtime and it changed the way I design my coasters on Nolimits. Definitely agree with Doug, life changing experience. My NO.1 woodie definitely!


Gatekeeper: It was a horrible experience for me that I kind of started to lower my expetation for the wingrider at Chimelong's Ocean Kingdom. Intamin still rules Cedar Point.


Boomerang at SFSt.L: I did not find it any smoother than the SFFT one. The lift still hurts and the brake still beats you.


Iron Rattler: Closed, but the backstage tour was fantastic!


Hades360: Hell no! I have to be a better person to stay away from the underworld! the only enjoyable moment of the ride is the little hill back into the tunnel I think.


All coasters I rode during the Texas Midwest trip this year were new to me.

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I think YOLOcoaster was nice, as was Outlaw Run. Otherwise, 2013 was fairly dry in terms of new additions. I didn't see a lot of stuff, quite like I saw between 2011 and 2012 that was fun and exciting. This coming season seems like a bust as well. There just isn't that much that's new that we're going to be seeing. I am excited for the 2015 season, though. All ready there are a few things that have been announced, and a few parks are on a two or three year expansion plan, with 2015 right in the middle of it!

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The only new coaster I got to ride this year was Hades 360. This was my only ride ever on it, so I had nothing to compare it to with regards to how it might have been when it was new. I also only rode in the front, so it's clear I missed the worst of it. My impression was that it was a somewhat rough woodie with some interesting elements and a gimmicky inversion that would be unwise to ride in any seat but the front or 2nd seat. And I also felt that my one and only front seat ride this year on Wildcat (as a comparison point to Hades) was far more painful. In a nutshell, thankfully I didn't suffer a horrible experience on it as many here have, but it isn't my favorite woodie either.

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Yes it did. Two new parks on the TPR Japan Tour this summer,

up in Hokkaido Island of Japan had a few coasters

I didn't expect to be smooth much, but weren't rough at all,

including an SLC I/we rode!

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This year was everything I expected and more! 70 new coasters


Here are some highlights of my new coaster experiences:

- SFMM (Feb): had some amazing coasters, but Apocalypse really took me by surprise

- Knotts (Feb): it was chilly and raining, so the park was dead, and we got on Xcelerator five times in a row and could not get sick of it

- Hershey (Mar): only went on six coasters, but that was all we needed to go on... Storm Runner was awesome, SkyRush was not advertised to be running but it was!

- Martin's (Jun): random day trip, didn't expect much, but Silver Comet was an awesome woodie! Really picks up the pace at the end.

- Dorney (Jul): got to the park mid day, went to dinner, came back and it started P*SSING down rain and everyone left, but we didn't care so we changed into our swimsuits and went back into the park. 20 minutes later the rain stopped, and we had the park almost to ourselves for the entire evening

- Knoebels (Jul): how cool is a park inside a small village??? Twister was good, Phoenix was great, even took the time to go on the carousel.. missed out on the ring toss though

- Waldameer (Aug): I've been to Cedar Point nine times coming from Toronto, yet this was my first drop-in along the way. Ravine Flyer II was great, but Steel Dragon was surprisingly fun... every wild mouse-ish ride should be like that one!


Only thing left for this year is Kennywood Fright Nights, looking forward to Racer for the first time

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