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Most Intense Schwarzkopf Coaster?

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If I recall correctly, I have been on 5 Schwarzkopf coasters:

1. Montezooma's Revenge

2. Colossus the Fire Dragon

3. Jet Star II

4. Revolution/New Revolution

5. Sooperdooperlooper


Montezooma's Revenge definitely has the most intense loop (especially when going backwards), but Colossus is a more intense ride overall with the helices, so I call it a toss-up. Regardless, all of Schwarzkopf's coasters are pretty kicka$$.

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The only ones I can think of that I've ridden are Wildcat at CP and Doppel Looping(?) at the Canadian National Exhibition years ago. That Doppel Looping was surprisingly intense to 13 year old me; strong positive G's on that thing. And at the time I was pretty startled at the fact that it only had a lap bar, definitely the first inverting coaster I had been on with no otsr.

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I've only been on Alpina Bahn and even though it's called a family coaster it's really intense reaching up to 4.8 g.


From just the facts Thriller has to be the most intense one reaching up to 6.5 g's before Premier Rides ̶r̶̶u̶̶i̶̶n̶̶e̶̶d̶ lowered the height of the first drop and set the loopings more high in 2003. The g's were so extreme that the last two seat rows were permanently closed for riders. As far as I know it was even more extreme in it's first season in 1986 before BHS (who also built Olympia Looping) modified the tracks for less lateral g's. Before their modification the laterals reached up to 3.7 g's while they reached only 1.1 after it.

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