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Roughest coaster

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I rode Shockwave close to its demise, and I don't think it was THAT horribly rough. Sure, it slammed you around, but I don't know.


It's odd how little shelf life those coasters had at both SFGam and SFGad - was maintenance cost the real story, with declining ridership? Interesting how Viper remains.

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Blue Streak at CP. Ouch!! I thought that thing was gonna kill me! Never riding that thing again. I actually thought Mean Streak wasn't that bad.. Not smooth and not a very good ride but not anywhere near the roughest thing I've ridden either.


Obviously you rode this a while ago. The last few years, Blue Streak has been running crazy smooth.


It used to be that I'd give this award to Thunderhawk at Dorney or Grizzly at CGA. But Thunderhawk got some TLC this year, and actually was very re-rideable in the front. And Grizzly wasn't as bad as I remembered it last time I rode.


So now my vote would have to be for Wildcat at Hersheypark, or Gouderix at Parc Asterix

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coaster express at parque warner definitely is my roughest.


runners up/notable mentions go to furious baco at portaventura and robin hood at walibi Holland


I've ridden mean/blue streak and wild beast/mine buster and didnt think they were bad at all! after coaster express everything seems buttery smooth!

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This is probably a little unfair to the coaster in question as I am sure that there are other ones that feel rougher; but I give the honor of roughest coast to the only coaster that actually made me bleed... The Mighty Canadian Minebuster... or more accurately known as The Mighty Canadian Lipbuster to me.


Granted at the time I was probably a foot shorter that I am now but I managed to split my lip wide open on that ride. My mother spent a good portion of the ride trying to find some napkins in her fanny-pack to stem the tide of blood. In the end I was ok didn't go to first aid bleeding eventually stopped and I got on with my day.


As for other coasters... I still don't know how to ride the Mind Eraser at Six Flags New England without getting a headache... so I kinda stopped even trying.

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#1 Wood: Ghostrider - KBF

WAS exceptional, especially the first 5 years of it's existence. I actually loved this ride more than the Texas Cyclone. The PTC's (esp. the Silver Train) made the ride feel truly awesome. However, after recently riding I felt like all my internal organs had been violently pummeled. Picture: Mike Tyson's Punch Out (Body Blows). Every lateral shuffle was painful & not fun.


#1 Steel: Matterhorn - DLR

Another all-time favorite. I was truly disappointed after riding w/ the new train stock. I thought the LED's lights were cool.. But no seat/back padding?? Not even a suspension system in lieu of basic seat comfort? Even Goofy's Sky School (Fair Ground Death Trap) has better rolling stock. After the hype & build-up it felt as if absolutely no track rehab had taken place. In fact it felt worse. Unfortunately, no future re-rides for me in it's current state.



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