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  1. I agree and was thinking the same thing on my visit in June. This seems to echo that emotion as well. But if Ripcord does wind up going in that spot, I figure there are 2 other locations that could work too (Mine Ride or the area next to MF/Thunder Canyon).. Badlands - Cedar Point GCI Wooden Coaster (YT User: OpticalKiwi | https://www.noahroth.com ) This coaster is a concept of a GCI coaster that is in the place of where Shoot the Rapids previously was. This video is simply a prediction of what may come to be of the site of Shoot the Rapids. No information is provided nor verified by Cedar Point. Height: 121 ft Speed: 54 mph Length: 3193 ft
  2. Type #rmcmeanstreak, #meanstreak, #cedarpoint in the search on IG and the station construction pic should come up.. Here's the link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BKt9Lh7DRAI/?tagged=meanstreak
  3. I've been thinking/wishing for the same! Couldn't help but think a mini "Lightning Rod" section might come in to play (especially for the 2nd half of the ride). Maybe even a vertical loop (Son of Beast)? Initially conceived as a bigger, faster, longer answer to Texas Giant, I feel it's re-birth will do exactly the same re: current hybrid record holders. Like Texas Giant, there's so much (layout) to work with. I'm really looking forward to the renderings. From the looks of the pic below, it looks like they're wasting no time with deconstruction. This summer I made my first trip ever to Cedar Point. I rode Mean Streak and I actually enjoyed 1 out of my 2 total rides. It's just such an imposing epic structure with a very traditional wooden coaster feel (including PTC's). It was no Ghostrider by any means (re: spleen damage & spine shanking, but also not a marathon candidate especially in the rear of the train. Looking forward to the updates, can't wait for next spring! Mean Streak RMC - Predictions (No Limits) 1. 2. 3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGQAKQdfVGA 4.
  4. GhostRider testing: The new GCI trains are really moving through the course.. (Day) (Night: 1st Run)
  5. The promotional artwork looks great! Very imaginative and original. I like that this attraction will be unique and hence a good fit for Knott's. I hope it falls somewhere in the middle of the spectrum between Transformers: The Ride and Alice in Wonderland. Very promising that practical effects will be used in conjunction with the digital ones. BTW: Does anyone know the track length of "Alice" at Disneyland (For camparison's sake)... Thanks*
  6. I really like the idea of an expanded "DC Universe/Joker's Carnival" theme as opposed to the "ScreamPunk/Back Alley". I believe that the Steampunk genre is WAY out of the Six Flags wheelhouse to execute properly. Joker (Colossus) & Bizarro (Scream!) are great fits and would be solid anchors for that area. Plus, throw in an awesome flat ride, eatery, with new trees/shade/cooling stations. I think that would definitely be something SFMM could handle with minimum effort, dollars, up-keep (aka: the Six Flags way). Surprising that they even gave enough of a f*%@ to see what their clientele thought of the new area, esp. this far along. Maybe the feedback among the internal team wasn't so positive either... Joker + Bizarro + DC = Theming they can actually handle* This "Twisted" version (circa: 2004) of The Joker would be very cool
  7. Holy #@!* That is truly AMAZING!!! Love it so far, please keep us updated on the progress. Thanks for the share/reply!
  8. Been searching various sites lately for Iron/Twisted Colossus NoLimits 2 videos or concept art (specifically pre-announcement versions). I would love to see what other possibilities Colossus fans imagined for the ride. Maybe one day we'll get to see the various layouts RMC proposed for the park. I just saw a "Helix" video yesterday from Liseberg that did exactly that. It was really cool to see the evolution of the ride's design and made me think of Colossus' story. Below is what I've been able to find thus far via Google, Instagram, & NoLimits. Anyone else care to share their findings or even their own vids/pics?
  9. Even with Apocalypse's current "ash wood" state, it at least has a pvc pipe sprinkler system coupled to the ride's entire right-side hand rail. Though not installed at it's inception it was added later. You can see it online in more recent images of the coaster (after the name change). Maybe TC and KBF's Ghostrider will both have such preventative safeguards installed/added also. It's weird that in addition to all the aforementioned RMC project related fires, all the three major SoCal parks have also had fires this year while building new projects. Bright side is that again, no one was injured.
  10. I love Silver Bullet. Definitely a great ride & I always ride twice. It would be a major loss for Knott's but I'm simply speculating. Hopefully VF will indeed receive another great coaster in the near future. Didn't know about the Autos/Dinos swap, thanks for the heads up
  11. Please excuse if this has been addressed before: What if the hypothetical B&M Invert was a "pre-owned" transplant from a Cedar Fair sister park? Namely Silver Bullet at KBF. The area where Antique Autos currently resides might work perfectly. It could be placed in a similar orientation to it's present West Coast layout or they could flip it and place the cobra roll towards High Roller's turnaround. In theory this installment and a refreshed entrance could justify the expense at a much lower cost than a brand new coaster. VF Entrance/Antique Autos KBF Silver Bullet (Orientation 1) KBF Silver Bullet (Orientation 2)
  12. Agreed. They had the "Back Street" from 1987-1993 under Joe Schillaci's management only to swap it out for Gotham. Funny that they're sort of returning to that rather than expanding on the psuedo-mythological theme of Goliath.
  13. That's what I mean. The vid shows two trains at least near each other when on the lift hills, and the likelihood we'll see that occurring ever again is once in a blue moon (if the things I've heard about operations is true). Granted, I'm still excited to see the West Coast finally getting an RMC! I agree, "racing" for the first year. I'm impressed that they are actually going to keep the "Original Colossus" aesthetic. 2 lifts though, damn. That NoLimits YouTube video from earlier this year was dead on. Should be an impressive ride nonetheless. Admittedly, I do have severe Wicked Cyclone envy after watching that video... I like that Jim cut his monologue short this year. The Chicago Bulls intro was a nice touch too.
  14. It's a long shot but is there ANY chance SFMM will finally install a construction webcam? I can't recall them doing so in the past but I really enjoyed watching RMC Goliath take shape at SFGAm. The RCDB Drone flyovers and YouTube updates were really great. Hopefully they could place a cam at the top of our Goliath (for the best overview). This would be awesome but my better judgement tells me image updates (of any kind) will probably remain up to the enthusiast community...
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