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The Simpsons Tapped Out

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I was able to visit about 15 towns and collected 22 hearts. Odd that some towns that I know updated aren't working. I was able to get into Hanno's town, 1137me, volexmatic, and a few others...


Once again, I feel we are all playing beta testers for EA.

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I was able to visit some towns this morning. But a lot of updated are still closed. Looks like EA has adopted the Microsoft way. Throw it out there and then maybe try to fix it, if you feel for it. Why is this game so addictive?


Just send out some extra requests, maybe that will unlock the problem

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OK this doesn't even make sense - I have received Valentines from players whose towns I still can't visit because they supposedly haven't updated.


People in the third world are lucky that they don't have to deal with these kind of problems...

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What I read from a post on another forum sounds so true:

Patience folks. This is how EA rolls.


Step 1: Release a huge update to get everyone excited so they download immediately


Step 2: Include a major bug that makes the event unplayable for the vast majority


Step 3: Once a high enough percentage of players have downloaded update, fix bug


Step 4: Watch the cash roll in while many in the majority think they're behind and need to speed things up to complete the event


Step 5: Near event completion, announce that the event will go longer than previously advertised


Rinse, and repeat.


This "bug" is no mistake.


I managed to only get into like 5 towns so far, the most recent was someone who just friended me.

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I like the fact that they've added some really high price things. It encourages daily play to add up the $$$.


In my scratcher today I got $10,000.


I can only visit 4 towns, out of 99, and no one on here. So I only have 3 hearts so far.



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The lotto scratch off tickets are great too. I hope they both stay.

The lotto ticket is a great step to doing real mini games for when you have nothing else to do. Imagine if there were ten mini-games like this where you could go from dog racing, to scratch offs, to something else.


The problem of course comes in when there isn't anything you can do with the winnings. If you have all the buildings, what else is there left to do?


This is why Animal Crossing seems to work so well with what seems like an unlimited amount of decorations, furniture, fish, bugs, fossils, etc, that you can collect.


Kinda hoping that's where this is headed...

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So I was just able to get into about 10 peoples towns plus 'Other Springfield'. I saw absolutely no rhyme or reason to who I was able to get into and who I wasn't. Even more frustrating was at least half the towns I got into either had NO Valentines Cards to click on or even if they did I got no hearts. I only ended up with 13 hearts total.


Very odd!!!

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