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Alright, I'm going to post some of my two major theme park drawings and their phases (expansions). Here we go! (Warning: This is a long post!)


My first theme park drawing!



The first theme park I drew in 2000!


Now here's my first major theme park and it's phases.

Illinois Adventure Park!



How Illinois Adventure Park started!


Phase 2 of the park!


Phase 3!


Phase 4!


Phase 5!


Last phase! #6!


Funland Theme Park



It was the called "The Next Big Thing", so I really didn't have a name for it yet until the next one.


Now I gave it a name: Funland Park!


Phase 2 of the park!


Phase 3! This one is the best one out of all of them.


Phase 4!


Phase 5!


Final Phase! #6! Good thing I was done with this park. lol


Well that's it! If you'd want to see more information on these visit and 'Like' my Facebook Fan page! Ben's Artwork on Facebook!

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Hello TPR!

As some of you know, my main interest in the community is creating parks and coasters in RCT2. Sure, it can be fun, but I do other coaster-related stuff, such as riding them. However, my idle coaster doodles in class have started to become more and more detailed and my friends have suggested that I post them on sites such as TPR and deviantArt. Recently, one of my friends got me to start reading the WARRIORS series. Not that I'm obsessed or anything, but I had the realization that WARRIORS had major coaster potential. After a few quick sketches and a design process figured out, I have completed Phase One of the project.

As you can see, the station has been completed and the layout has been established. I need not tell you what kind of coaster it is... I hope!


You can expect an update at least every other day until next week when I go into exams. So does anyone have opinions? Suggestions on how to improve? You can see the deviation at dA: Project WARRIORS: Phase One

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I don't have any theme park related art of mine on hand, but I have been painting a lot lately.


I have never been good at painting because of the patience required. I have insane ADHD and I have recently been medicated, allowing me to actually sit down and paint. I LOVE it. I don't have a picture of anything that I had painted before being medicated, as I either never finished them or they were rushed, but here are some progress shots of the nude (me ) I am working on.


Its not done yet, but I'll post a picture of the finished product! (along with some of my theme park drawings!)


1 Hour


2 Hour


5 Hour


7 Hour-

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These are my takes on Disney ride logo's and Disney Park logo designs. I have tweaked them a bit and they aren't very good but I love drawing them. Comments are much appreciated.


Thanks, Please comment


Epcot artwork


Space Mountain - Not a great picture but my favourite Space Mountain logo.


Crush! DLRP


Space Mountain in Paris...I think this is one of my best


Welcome aboard! This is Captain Rex from the cockpit!


My favourite Hollywood rides!


This is probably the one I tampered most with....Maliboomer!


One of my older ones


This one is a complete copy.


Mission Space - One of my better ones!


My latest doodle!

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^No, I only started in the Summer after my trip to California. I am working on harder logo's and plan to do a lot more. Today I was working on a Captain EO Tribute logo and will post a picture of it soon. I don't really touch on other parks apart from some Universal stuff. Thanks for the positive feedback, my family don't understand my hobbies.


^^ Yes, I want to see more.

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Hi guys,


I'm from Australia and Sydney's Wonderland was kind of my home park (even though I lived an hour and a half away... that's very close for Australia!) and this is a 'concept' for a beefed up, 'Disneyfied' Snowy River Rampage, which was my favourite ride of the park for some reason.


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