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NEWS: Travel Channel 'Coaster Wars' finds a familiar expert

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Apollo's been running amazing lately. I rode it during the fireworks and had some of the best rides on it last Tuesday. Airtime was plentiful (more than I've ever gotten) so maybe I got to ride with the trims turned down or something.

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I can only vouch for my experience (which was in 1999) but it was epic.


Also I was gunna say these shows really used to be better, like one every year with the hot new sh!t. MForce, X, TTD. Before that Superman at SFMM, Riddlers Revenge etc

But also I'm having a realization moment...as a kid you like everything. Now, I see these shows by nature are kinda silly and thanks to the internet any surprise of a ride is lost on me

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If alpengeist doesn't win this , I'm calling shennanigans . A bit dissapointed they didn't feature Robb more in the commentary as they clearly promoted him with the numerous newspaper articles ( New York times and whatever that la paper is called ) . Clearly used his brand to promote the show . Just sayin.

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Dear Travel Channel,


Immelmans and cobra rolls are not vertical loops.


I was thinking the same thing when they said that.



Also was I the only who had some coaster nerd rage when Manta was an "inverted" coaster?

Indeed, we need more Robb in this show!

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Just caught the show halfway through the Aftershock bit. I wasn't expecting to see Robb at the end! Pretty cool. The whole show was making me cringe with all the GP-ish explanations of elements (Alpengeist does NOT have "4 loops in a row"!).


And Aftershock winning? Totally took me by surprise. Maybe a bunch of Magic Mountain people chimed in because it's like Deja Vu.

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I feel I would of enjoyed this show a lot more if I didn't already know so much about those rides. Still, I like the show because they let me ride Manta and Kraken repeatedly for free so I am satisfied. Shame Robb didn't get more time to talk though.

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