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NEWS: Travel Channel 'Coaster Wars' finds a familiar expert

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hey Robb, I'm hoping you can answer this question. Based on the article they are going to release the results at the end of the episode. Is this correct? I thought they were going to have an end of season wrap up show where they release the winners? Do you know which one is correct? Also, do you vote by text, or can you vote on line?

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Sad day! I don't have cable, so I went over to a neighbor's to watch. Travel Channel is 72 in our area, but standard cable only goes up to 70. Also, the Travel Channel is one of the few channels I know that will not post full episodes online. I feel like they could make a lot of money in advertising if they did. Anyway, I guess I'll have to be happy with clips.

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It's not the worst I've seen. Of course they aren't going to satisfy us fully. Personally, I like it just because it's an updated coaster show, something I've been waiting for. As for the speakers, ignore it, they're mostly just getting people off the ride to talk about it that sound like they know a lot. To someone skimming the channels, it sounds fine to them, they see nothing wrong.


In this show:

Roller coaster expert= Enthusiast

Roller coaster enthusiast= GP

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