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I am looking forward to the two big wood coasters at Great Adventure and Holiday World, just simply because I love wood coasters. I am also excited about the new coaster at Thorpe Park, due to the fact that I will be able to ride it on our UK Trip with Robb and Elissa.

I have a concept for a new coaster show and it goes somewhat like this:

Since there are a "few" seats left on the UK Trip, Discovery Channel buys up a few for a camera dude and a reporter and such and films and makes a special on "Enthusiasts and thier love for roller coasters" or something along those lines. They already said that they love the website and what better way to really get across the feel and realness than to get right in there with the die hard enthusiast?? Now that would be a show I would love to see.

Anyway, to be honest, I look forward to riding ANY and ALL new roller coasters, no matter where they are or what kind they are, so EVERY ONE excites me. Peace

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The coaster which is putting my anticipation levels in overdrive at the moment is Black Mamba.


It's 'one' of the main reasons I'm taking a coaster tour around Germany next year. All I can think when I look at the construction photos is 'wow' (and this is before the ride is actually complete). The fact that it's a potential Nemesis (currently my number 1 steelie) beater (going by the stunning concept art) should be enough to get any enthusiast hot under the collar. I'm glad its not just another bog standard inverter plonked down on grass on concrete. Afterall, this is Phantasialand we are talking about here, and the word 'standard' isnt really in their vocabulary!

I'm expecting something extremely special with Black Mamba, including plenty of terrain interaction with footchoppers galore.


I'm also looking forward to the UK's very own 'Stealth' at Thorpe, even if it is a mini Kingda Ka....Which I havent even ridden anyway, so this will be my first experience of a Rocket coaster that launches you toward's the sky. And its not as though many of the UK general public will have heard of any of the bigger rockets out there. I've got a 'feeling' it's compact layout will mean that it will feel alot more intense in comparison to its larger siblings.

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By far the one I am looking most forward to by far is The Voyage. This ride I believe is going to define how wooden roller coasters should be designed and conceptualized. Will Koch is one of a kind because he takes feedback and suggestions from his guests to put into his park and his rides.


By far will be the #1 Roller Coaster of 2006.

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Well, I'm certainly not going to be original here but:


1. The un-named woodie at Beach Bend, being built by GCI.


Even after riding Hades this year, the Ozark Wildcat is still my #1 wooden coaster. I love the way the newer GCI's (Dollywood's Thunderhead is also good) have a more out-of-control feeling and the great endings they have. Also perfect for their millennium flyer trains!! This should be no different, and my expectations are very high for this one! Especially not having seen any layout.


1.1. The Voyage at Holiday World, being built by The Gravity Group.


I think that Hades was a GREAT debut for the company, especially the way that way the ride is handled before the lift hill, the sections in the tunnel, and the sustained speed. With the animation of The Voyage, I also have very high expectations for this ride.


3. Expedition Everest


It looks very interesting. I think that the themeing and the storyline can only add to the illusion that this ride will create. It ought to be a blast!


4. SFGAd's woodie


I liked Colossos, but not nearly as much as some other people here. Granted, the new Intamin track IS VERY SMOOTH and FAST. I just happen to like a little more out-of-control ride. (I'll be riding Balder next summer )


The rocket coasters are fun (except Kingda Ka--hated it, shuffled and shook violently--1 week before the accident.), so I guess I can add the mini Kingda Ka.


I can also add Goliath at SFoG. I like the B&M hypers, and this layout looks VERY promising.


With all of the above, I still reserve judgement until AFTER I have ridden them!


I am looking forward to all of these, becasue I WILL be riding all of them.



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I am really excited to see how Speed Monster turns out. Storm Runner is beyond great, and the concept art makes the ride look a lot like it as far as uniquness goes. It will deffinitely be a great addition to Intamin's ardenal of awesome coasters, and I would really like to see a clip about it on this new show.

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I'm quite excited about a roller coaster being proposed for Omaha Nebraska's Funplex. There has been some recent press about a 95 foot height, but the park is kind of small so I'm curious about where it will be put and what creative thrills can be packaged into a ride such as this. Most people probably know that Omaha doesn't have an amusement park, per se, anymore. This ride would lend some credibility to the folks at FunPlex and hopefully lead to expansion. There is a definite need for more fun things here-especially for younger people. As a retired person, I thought it might be fun to apply for the job of roller coaster operator. We'll see what happens.

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I guess I really like well themed roller coasters so my vote will go for Expedition Everest at Disney's Animal Kingdom. I think when it is finished it will be the most themed roller coaster in the world. Of all the "official" posts Disney has posted about the coaster says that EE will have an extensive backstory as well as an extremely detailed queue on the same level of the Indiana Jones rides.


Both Black Mamba and The Voyage look really great as well.

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The Voyage!!!!


My son and I put off our first trip to Holiday World 'till next year after reading about the new GGI coaster. We rode 5 Custon Coaster / Gravity Group coasters this past summer (2005). After the first ride on Hades we made the decision to head to Holiday World. We stopped home to do laundry and to sleep in our own beds when the press release hit our email. It was a easy decision to wait for next summer to ride their collection. We just cannot get enough of the 90 degree turns.


My son is very excited about the new Giga at Six Flags Ga. He spends a week or two down there every summer.

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The Mysterious Flying Roller Coaster at SFMM


This is my upcoming favorite project because I've been on almost all the designs of roller coasters that B&M has to offer (Floorless,Stand-up,Suspended, etc) So A flying roller coaster is a new exierience for me....theres not that many flying coasters out there so I hope it is one.

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Definitly Black Mamba or the GADv Woodie.


When I heard that the woodie will interact with Rolling Thunder and be in the same area as KK, I was mindblown with all the possibilities. Since it's Intamin-Prefab it is almost guaranteed to be glossy smooth.


Black Mamba looks alot like a mix between Montu, Batman the Ride and Nemesis. Close to the ground, tight transitions, great theming, and many near-collision moments are sure to make this ride one of the best BM inverts ever.


The only reason I rank the woodie higher than Black Mamba is because I will actually ride the woodie next year. I can't wait!

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definetely goliath at sfog and gadv's new woodie. these are really the only two coasters that are goiing to be pretty big hits. The goliath coaster is great, its the only hyper coaster which is big especially for sfog. also, you could check out some coasters from 2005 and 2004 like kingda ka, storm runner...etc. This would be awesome because 2006's coasters look pretty weak for the most part.

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I’m really excited about Voyage! The moment I saw pictures of how the ride would look and the specs, I knew that I’d have to make it to Holiday World next year to ride it. It’s like a wooden giga-coaster or something to that extent. It’s not the tallest; it’s not the fastest or steepest. It’s what roller coaster enthusiast has been looking for; a new coaster with a classic look and classic fun that is unlike anything else. Come June 2006, I will be at Holiday World to ride Voyage. Right after Coaster Mania though.

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I personally can't wait until SFOG builds Goliath. Nitro was my all time favorite roller coaster. Those clamshell restraints are ingenious! SFOG has made an excellent choice for an extreme ride addition to their park with Goliath. This to me is the most exciting news for 2006! This coaster will be a landmark in the southeast and most likely my new favorite! RIP Great Gasp and Looping Starship.

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For me of course it's Superman at WBMW.

I think it is safe to say this is the first REAL quality coaster that the country has seen since Corkscrew opened at Sea World back in the 80s. Nothing that has been built since (with the exception of ToT) could really be considered on the world class list.


This ride has everything Australia could dream for. It's being built by IMO the best, it has a unique design and a good layout at that, it is being themed and integrated well (as opposed to being dumped in a car park) and it even has a great attractive presence within the park.


I think we will see a major drawcard in this one from the public and enthusiasts alike.

For me I'm the most excited about this project because I think it's the first time we down here can stand up and say we have something to be proud of in the coaster world.

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I'm most excited about the opening of Superman Escape at Warner Bros. Movie World on the Gold Coast in Australia.


For me, as well as the thrilling experience it's all about having an interesting story & themeing - and this ride is going to have it all! A smooth Intamin launch, awesome track layout, airtime, and a fantastic story.


It'll be the first world class coaster ever built in Australia! It definitely deserves a mention...

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OMG! Are you people crazy! If they're going to do an entire show on a ride Expedition Everest is clearly the best choice! The Voyage is my second choice but I think that EE looks like more of an experience. I am so crazy excited about EE and I would probably go nuts if they actually chose to do this on EE!!!! Expedition Everest hands down!

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Voyage for a few reasons:

1) More reasons to go to Holiday World....(still needs to ride Legend and Raven)

2) Adding to the reason of visiting Holiday World, it's a park that's relatively nearby, so I should make it one of my most anticipated trips for next year.

3) One of the only projects that's announced for the USA so far...

4) I loves me some airtime-filled coasters. (Note that my fave coasters include: Cyclops (Great air throughout entire ride), Vortex (quite a few good pops in it), and good old King Cobra, which was also filled up with some sweet little pops of air, along with many other great elements...)


Also, the new Ausie Superman is looking better and better each update. I pity that its in Austrailia and not the US (especially since I fell in love with rocket coasters this year)

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I'm most excited about the B&M flyer at SFMM, The Voyage at HW, Expedition Everest at WDW, and Black Mamba at Phantasialand.


B&M flyer

I'm excited about the new B&M flyer at SFMM because

1) I've never been on a flyer

2) Even though I've only seen two pieces of track, it looks cool

3) SFMM needs a coaster since Scream was just a carbon copy of Medusa @ SFMW


The Voyage

I'm excited about The Voyage because

1) IMMENSE airtime to behold

2) Holiday World is known for great woodies

3) The layout looks awesome


Expedition Everest

I'm excited about Expedition Everest because

1) It's a Disney ride

2) It's highly themed

3) The layout and mountain looks really cool


Black Mamba

I'm excited about Black Mamba because

1) The layout looks awesome

2) It has one of the only fly-throughs on an inverted roller coaster I've ever heard of

3) The themeing looks awesome

---Brent 8)

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Goliath at SFOG - I think this will be a really great fit for this already awesome park.

Ah! How could I forget about Goliath? Looks simply amazing, great B&M hyper with nice use of terrain, out of the park and back into the park elements, over paths and roads, and other rides, an incredible layout and great looking ride



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I can"t wait for expedition everest Goliath and the MM flyer. These rides are going to be big fun thrilling rides. Goliath looks really fun and i cant wait for it to open. Expedition Everest looks really cool dew to the themeing and the MM flyer looks really cool and i cant wait for it to open. When the flyer opens I will be there opening day. 8)

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