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Expedition Everest by far, everything about this coaster has me psyched. I have been watching it grow since 2004, and I can't wait to see it completed. I would love to see it on this special because I won't get a chance to ride it for a long time, so seeing it on video is the next best thing

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I'll place my vote for The Voyage at Holiday World. I'm really only marginally interested in most coasters planned for 2006, yet this one really stands out to me. I've never been to Holiday World, but have already begun planning my trip for next year!


From the NoLimits POV video, I have to say that to me, this looks like the perfect coaster. A few powerful hills, then the return leg is a maelstrom with endless curves and hills, all mixed together. I've always wondered way so many coasters just go straight during hilly sections, and so I'm really glad to see the madness planned for the return Voyage. Add to that numerous underground tunnels, and 'out in the woods' feel, and it's got everything I'm looking for in a coaster!


Plus I dig the name! I liked that the rides at Holiday world aren't trying to be intimidating. Rather, they're pleasant. All in all, it looks to be an incredibly exciting & fun ride!

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1) The Voyage, Holiday World (Santa Claus, Indiana)


As already mentioned by nearly everyone here, this ride has the potential to be the best roller coaster in the world. It is one of the most ambitious wooden coaster projects I have ever seen, and has all of the ingredients to be flat out amazing.


2) Unnamed GCI Wooden Coaster, Beech Bend (Beech Bend, Kentucky)


Having ridden Thunderhead at Dollywood, the last GCI coaster built, and the 2005 Golden Ticket #1 wooden coaster in the world, I absolutely can't wait to ride this. GCI has improved with every coaster they have built, and while it will be hard to top Thunderhead, I expect them to do an outstanding job with this.


3) Unnamed Intamin Wooden Coaster, Six Flags Great Adventure (Jackson, New Jersey)


This will be the first Intamin wooden coaster in North America, and having seen lots of footage of the two in Europe via this website, I am very excited about how this ride will turn out. Unfortunately, we don't know much about it yet since it has not been officially announced, but I'm confident that it will be a great ride.


4) Goliath, Six Flags Over Georgia (Austell, Georgia)


Six Flags Over Georgia is only 4 hours from my home, so I am very excited that they are building the first hypercoaster in the Southeast. I have been on all of the B&M hypercoasters in North America, and they were very fun, so I expect this to be an excellent ride.

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I intend to ride almost every one of the announced 2006 coasters next year: Expedition Everest, Goliath, SFGAd's woodie, Thorpe's Rocket, SFMM's Flyer, Black Mamba, The Voyage, Beech Bend's, possibly Patriot. Of them, the ones I'm most excited about are:


1. SFGAd's woodie. Its Intamin, its wood, and it looks like its gonna be big. What else do I need to say?


2. Black Mamba. Its low, trenchy, themed, and could potentially have forces like the older B&Ms. Glad I'm going to Germany for this in September.


3. SFoG's Goliath. Its got a unique layout, location, and goes over existing rides and the parks entrance. Its definitely gonna change the look of the park.


I'm also pleased with the Voyage, but I feel Holiday World got enough "on-air" time on the Discovery and Travel channels over last couple of years. Share the wealth!

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Even though in Florida, I haven't had much interest in EE, but The Voyage at Holiday World looks insane, especially after seeing that NoLimits footage.


Also: Please cut down on:

Narration ("I'm [so and so] and we're about to ride the [so and so]. It's my favorite ride in the world with a height of xxxxx and a track length of xxxx. We're nearly at the top and we're just about to go down the hill into a .....")

"Groundbreaking" SLCs that are "pretty tall" and "stomach churning" with footchoppers and cobra rolls

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Next year is shaping up to be very exciting so I am looking forward to many of the future rides. Mostly, I am excited about GAdv's woodieThe Voyage and Goliath. Hades looks incredible and The Voyage looks like it could be better. Goliath looks like it has a great layout and the other B&M Hypers are amazing. And The two Intamin Plug and Plays look, and from reviews, amazing.


This sounds like it will be a great show. Any new coaster show is awesome.

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I am most excited about the wooden roller coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure because they have mot had a new woodne roller coaster for a long time and I heard somewhere it is going to be either the tallest wooden coaster or the longest wooden coaster in the world.

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For me, I'm excited about:


Expedition: Everest at Animal Kingdom

The Voyage at Holiday World

Goliath at Six Flags Over Georgia

The new woodie at Six Flags Great Adventure

Beech Bend's new woodie

Whatever is being built at Six Flags Magic Mountain

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Here are my top five!



1) Expedition Everest (Disney's Animal Kingdom)


It looks like this coaster is going to a lot of fun and it is going to have GREAT scenery!


2) Warner Bros. Movie World's Superman


From the pictures that I have seen of this ride, it looks like it's going to have some good airtime!


3) Black Mamba


I'm hoping Black Mamba is going to be like some of the older B&M's.



4) Goliath at SFOG


It is going to be the first hyper coaster in the Southeast!



5) SFGAd's woodie


It is going to be an Intamin woodie!

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The two coasters I'm looking forward to the most are Voyage at Holiday World and the Intamin woodie at SF Great Adventure.


Reasons for Voyage: Steep first drop, 3 drops over 100 feet, 5 tunnels, 2 90 degree banked turns, and loads of air-time.


Reasons for the Intamin woodie: If it's like Balder and Colossos, it will have loads of airtime and a steep first drop.

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I wonder if maybe everyone has missed the point of what Discovery is trying to do. The letter said it was a project about the "race to build" the coaster - not about the coaster once it's finished. To me, that says that they'll focus on the decision making process, the design, the construction, the behind the scenes politics, etc. You may not see ANY on-ride footage, although they'll likely use that as the fianle` to the program. Frankly I think that's great! We rarely get to see all the elements that go into the design or a coaster - it's usually confined to maybe a computer rendering and some hand waving by the lead designer and then it's off to the coaster to see some yahoo go on and on about how it's the greatest thing since sliced bread mixed in with a lot of unitelligable, largely staged grunting while they cut back and forth between the on-ride and rider footage.


As far as my interpretation of the letter goes - it's got to be Everest in DAK. Even if the coaster itself turns out to be a dud as a "thrill ride", the design and planning o this coaster will just absolutely blow away any other project out there.

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In no particular order, my top four:


1. SFMM's Unnamed Terrain Flyer

I've dreamt of a terrain flyer for years now, something that twists and wraps around the hill and combines exciting interaction with the environment with a furious ride, and finally it's going to happen. I've always loved Ninja, and this should prove to be a great ride as well.


2. Expedition Everest at Disney's Animal Kingdom

This is like a ride out of a RCT Spotlight park... immersive theming, backwards tracks, runaway mine train... Disney's most impressive investment in history looks to be an amazing ride. Picture Matterhorn on steroids mixed in with the latest technology. Eye candy + thrills. Wow.


3. Black Mamba

Phantasialand is an absolutely gorgeous park that I really hope to visit one day, and they're certainly not resting on their laurels. This thing looks like another Nemesis hit and is pretty much guaranteed to be a success. We know the theming will be impeccable, and so far, the excavation work indicates this thing will be one wild ride that keeps on coming with the punches all the way to the brake run.


BTW, I can't find the concept art for this ride anywhere... does anyone have a link?


4. The Voyage

Not so sure about the name, but that's about it. You have Holiday Park: wooden coaster mecca. You have Gravity Group: Intamin of wooden coaster makers already. That's the makings for something special already, but now you pack in 90 degree turns and airtime galore? Oh man, this is gonna be ridiculous. Looks like 2006 will add another top 10 woodie (perhaps 2, with SFGAdv's woodie).

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They should cover all the major new additions.


Voyage at Holiday World

Goliath at SFOG

Speed Monster at TusenFryd

Patriot at WoF

Black Mamba Phantasialand

Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom

B&M Flyer at SFMM

Intamin Woodie at SFGAdv

Stealth at Thorpe Park


Also they should get some less known ones...

Fuji-Q Highland's new coaster

Thunderbird at PowerPark

The new X-Car coaster at Parque de Atracciones Madrid

Vliegende Hollander at Efteling


- Russell Heiman

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I wonder if maybe everyone has missed the point of what Discovery is trying to do.

The key message is:


"Which projects for 2006 are you most excited about and why?"


Which I highlighted in the original post.


--Robb "So far I don't think anyone here has missed the point." Alvey

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May I start by saying that i am pumped that there is new projects in the pipe at Discovery.


With that said, I will have to agree with most and say that "The Voyage" is by far my most anticipated project of 2006. To me, it just looks like Holiday World and The Gravity Group are trying to build the best coaster ever.


I am also excited about the Great Adventure Intamin woodie, but since I have never rode one, i have to stick with the known coaster in this group of promising projects.

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