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  1. Amazingly, she/he may have aspects of both, one or the other. All 3 of my kids are vastly different. It's an amazing thing. Janelle will ride anything (Biggest being The Voyage At Holiday World) Jacob is more hesistant (The Raven is his biggest one) Kaitlyn: Comeon now She's an INFANT!
  2. Definately congrats in order Robb And Elissa!!!! I have 3 rugrats of my own: 8,6, and 5 months:
  3. They also don't take risks on new technology. If you just want your basic run of the mill woodie, HW is your park. If you want a coaster that pushes the limits of technology, you have to expect there will be downtime and bugs, and you have to go to a CF or SF park. Actually I went to HW yesterday and there was some downtime on both The Legend & The Voyage (Rare Occurance there) Both of those rides didn't open until the afternoon. But when they did open, they were (As well as The Raven) running INSANE. Hot temperatures made that track slick as can be. Voyage New #1!!
  4. I hold this for most rollercoasters, particulary ones with either prototype or ones with a history of faulty ride technology (TTD,Kingda Ka's Launch). I usually wait one season for the "kinks" to get out and take my chances on the 2nd season and beyond. Now an expection to this is Holiday World. They have an AWESOME Rookie Season Ride History!! More props to Will Koch and Company!
  5. You guys know, back in the old days, the way to get to Cedar Point was entirely by ferry. Okay how many of them islands are out there to this day? Who says Cedar Point couldn't expand to one or more of them islands? (Cedar Points, Plural , if you will)
  6. Let's see, They have a Rocket Coaster, Giga. That leaves a mega looper. Question be, how many inversions
  7. Sometimes I don't wonder if some of these Fair/Carnival places just don't stay fixed amusement. The county ought to take a hint that rides attract people. Food Attract People.
  8. Carnival Rides. UGHHHHHHHH They look like each and every one of them are going to fall apart. Am I alone on this point? I simply don't trust Carnival Rides.
  9. I was going to buy Six Flags Season Passes next season. Looks like I'm going the Paramount Route now. Who knows, they may close the ones I was looking to goto lol
  10. The decisions had already been set before the new regime had taken over, just like the park maps were printed with Mr. Six on them etc. etc. ^ I completely agree wtih everything that was said by you GAcoaster. Everything was predetermined by the old management because Shapiro and company didn't have anything to do with what was in store for the new season. They couldn't make drastic changes. However, I just wish things were better run, people were trained better and employees actually cared. Those are things that really could be changed. So how long is it going to be before Shapiro and company REALLY have control of Six Flags?
  11. That was the problem...the OLD management had no 5-year plan...more like a 5-month plan. It's now that Shapiro is in charge he is asking for the parks to submit plans for 2-years, 5-years, etc. Shapiro stated on the conference call that El Toro was ordered 3 months later than it should have been, opened later than expected and was $3 million over budget. The original plan was the bridge was not re-opening to the public (creating 2 dead ends), then Sevart told tour groups over the winter the bridge WOULD re-open. Since then he has been replaced, but with the cost over runs they may not be able to afford to add some kind of safety nets or something that would allow the bridge to re-open. After talking in depth with several highly placed employees, they really are trying to make changes, but the old management blew the budget even before the season started. That's why Shapiro had to have a conference call and explain they were not going to make their revenue targets (due to increased expenditures). Almost everything about this season was predetermined by the old management. It's tempting to rush to judge the "new" Six Flags, but it's not fair until they really have a chance to make a difference and really make the changes that matter. BIG things are in store for 2007. Old management didn't have a plan at all. Whatever Cedar Point did, they tried to counter. They find one ride that worked, they duplicated it across their chain. That is also a mistake. Your parks are supposed to be different not the same.
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