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Discovery Channel Needs YOUR help!

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Thanks one again for all your help.

I notice, there are quite a lot of Woodie on everyones list and would be interested to know a bit more about the appeal of new woodies as opposed to steel.

I guess for me the biggest appeal of Wooden coasters is that they don't have to push some record with every new coaster. It is all about the ride. You get some that are just airtime machines with plenty of out of seat moments. Then you get other wooden coasters that are so twisted you swear that it shouldn't be possible. Then there are the trains which in general tend to be more roomy and comfortable since they require less restraints.


There is just something about wooden coasters that just seems unsullied by modern technology. They are still a heck of a lot of fun for the same reasons they have always been. I mean the new ones with the 90 degree banks are nuts but it is still all about the airtime and the twists and turns.


You know the other thing about wooden coasters is they don't build many clones of them... That is a definite positive. I just love that fact.

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I like Steel and Wood equally, but for completely different reasons. They both have their advantages. Wood obviously has it's physical limitations, but it has A different feel and some have A nice smell. Most classic and modern designs incorporate several air time hills, crossovers, twists and turns. Many provide an "out of control" feeling. Wood has two advantages over steel in terms of the ride experience. First, the support structure better hides the next element. Wooden Coasters with multiple crossovers are naturally unpredictable. Lastly, There is nothing that can replicate the feeling of rolling through the woods on A wooden roaster, day or night. Steel just doesn't feel natural. The biggest advantage is the price tag. "Voyage" is A perfect example. For $6.5M Holiday World will install A world class Custom Wooden Coaster by A reputable designer/manufacturer that will keep patrons coming back for years to come. How's that for capital investments? The price tag on an "off the shelf" B&M averages around $20M. I'm guessing that Intamin is even higher. If the price of steel continues to rapidly increase, large steel coasters may not be A wise investment for many small to mid sized parks. What A Shame.


Many modern wooden coasters mainly from GCI, CCI (GG), and Intamin are superior to previous designs in terms of technology and re-rideablity. Technology like GCI's articulated trains and Intamin's pre-fabricated woodies, not to mention some great engineering make their modern wooden coasters far less abusive than most woodies. It upsets me to see A poorly maintained woody. It gives wood A bad name. I think that certain wooden coasters such as "Son of Beast & Mean Streak" hurt the general publics perception of wooden roller coasters. I just hope that not too many people pass bye A new world class woody simply because of A previuos experience with A bad wooden coaster. If Discovery Channel decides to highlight A section on New Woodies, they might consider including A couple of tips on how to ride primative wooden coasters. Such as "Ride in the middle row of A six seat (2x3) car" and "Don't Hold On" or (here's A good one) "Try to Relax" *(Reduce the Abuse)* I would love to see A portion of the show dedicated to promoting the modern wooden designs. The General Public needs to be aware of recent improvements in wooden coasters. This would surely benefit the parks with modest investment capital. The amusement industry appreciates all of your support. Thank you for reading.

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Hi all,


I've just returned from a research trip to the States - where I visited a number of constuction sites, met park owners, coaster engineers and designers - many of them your suggestions! There are definately a lot of exciting projects in the pipeline for 2006!


We're still very much in the early stages of production and the film is due to air next year. I will let you all know when I have a firm date.

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Yeah there definitely needs to be a wooden coasters special... (pitch it please... ) The public needs to know how great these things can be. Maybe throw some of these new wooden coasters on the video... I mean just have a group of different wooden coasters and maybe do a bit of focus on the different manufacturers and what they are bringing to the mix to combat the prevalance of steel coasters. You know like look at the millenium flyer trains from GCI, the amazing track that Intamin is making, and the amazing 90° banks from Gravity Group...


Personally I think we are in the middle of a rennaisance of wooden coasters. There are an awful lot of smaller parks that can't afford the latest B&M model with go faster stripes and many of them are now going for a custom wooden coaster instead of an off the shelf vekoma. It is a great move all around because the wooden coaster is unique and it will draw more guests than a ride people can ride almost anywhere.


I am really looking forward to hearing more about this project. I can't wait to see how it turns out. Please make sure Robb makes topics about updates or at least bump this to the front page. It has been a few years since the last coaster show I can remember from the Discovery networks.

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