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Discovery Channel Needs YOUR help!

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Hey TPR! The Discovery Channel needs YOUR help for their next TV show!


This morning I received an email from one of the producers at the Discovery Channel who would like Theme Park Review members to give some feedback on some research they are doing. Below is the note from the producer:


Hi All,


My name is Liz Collier and I have been avidly using this fantastic site and forum as research for a forthcoming documentary for the Discovery channel, on the race to build the 2006’s most remarkable rollercoaster.


This film is currently in the early stages of research and development, but I would very much like to hear from forum members to find out which projects for 2006 they are most excited about and why!


So if any of the construction projects for next year have particularly caught you imagination, I love to hear about it!


I look forward to hearing from you!




So, to sum it all up:


"Which projects for 2006 they are most excited about and why?" (please don't forget the WHY part!)


Please post your responses and I will be in touch with Liz if there is anything else she needs input on.





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On my list of "most excited" are the following:


Warner Bros. Movie World's Superman - Technically this opens in 2005, but it's SO close to opening in 2006 (late December 2005) that I think it counts. So far, the photos I've seen of it this seems to be shaping up like it could be the best new coaster of the year!


Speed Monster at Tusenfryd - Again, another Intamin rocket coaster. Can't get enough of these! Perhaps when we see more on this one will it be the Intamin rocket to get to?


Six Flags Great Adventure's Woodie - Balder & Colossos are in my top 5 woodies, so this is an obvious choice as to something I'm excited about.


The Voyage at Holiday World - Hades was awesome and I would expect this to be also.


Black Mamba at Phantasialand - Even though recent B&M inverts haven't been THAT great. this one looks to be the best themed since Nemesis and Dueling Dragons.


Thorpe Park's Intamin Rocket - From what I've heard about the layout, it doesn't seem to be much more than a mini-Kingda Ka, which IMO might actually be a GOOD thing, the other two Intamin rockets have me more excited!


--Robb "Once again, I'm more psyched about new international coasters!" Alvey

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I am most excited about The Voyage. I FINALLY made it to Holiday World for the first time this year, and I was really blown away by everything I experienced from the rides, attractions, awesome water park, and food to each and every worker I met there. There was a real sense of pride that each worked had for his/her job.


When I saw the plans for The Voyage, I could not believe it! One of my all-time favorite rides WAS The Beast due to its use of tunnels and landscaping. I really have to commend Holiday World for the way they integrate their coasters into the existing landscape.


Add to this the height, length, and abundance of negative G's, and Holiday World has another winner on their hands!

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Rumors of a B&M or Intamin at Lake Compounce. 8.5 Acre expansion next to anchor bay this winter, we will see what happens. I'm also real excited about Voyage and the new Intamin prefab.


EDIT: Wow, how could I forget Black Mamba or Stealth?

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Black Mamba: definatley my favourite for next year becuase, judging from the artwork and the parks enthusiasm and meticulous detail, it sure is going to be a Nemesis beater in my books.


I am also aprticularly excited becuase recent B&M coasters are getting really creative and i think we will see a lot more in the future, with BM being the first 'creative' invert.


Expedition everst: You can't fault Disney on this one. Granted that in the last few years they haven't really bought out anything that really stood out (at least in america anyway) and then out of the blue this popped up. Being the biggest mountain and financial conquest Disney have undertaken, Imagineering are going back to the drawing board and creating an adventure that screams Disney magic all over. Certainly will conquer the other highly themed dark ride/ roller coaster over at neighbouring Universal studios.


Project Steath: Thorpe park submited their 10 year plan only a few years ago and since it started we have seen Slammer, Rush and lots of other changes that is slowly turing this once quaint park into the thrill ride capital of England. The 'icon' coaster is surely going to be a hit with a majority of english and european guests, and Tussauds really know how to theme coasters when they have their thinking caps on.


SFMM Flyer: I have only been to SFMM once and it was when X was testing. I really want to see how this turns out with all the other creative B&M's on the rise, plus with the return of the Dive Machine at BGT, hopefully this will ignite the spark for Flyers by giving us something new.



That's my 2 cents

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First and foremost would have to be the newest B&M hyper to the family, Six Flags over Georgia's Goliath. Being my favorite coaster type, and the first to have no block brake, not to mention go over a road twice (well Silver Star does that, too), this ride seemingly will have no let-up throughout the course, and abundant airtime.


Next would have to be SFGAd's Intamin Wooden Coaster...lots of airtime and a sure-fire smooth ride with a fantastic ending will make this one of the top wooden coasters in the world.


The Voyage at Holiday World will almost certainly become many, many enthusiasts new #1 wooden coaster. One look at the virtual POV video on their site and I think it's pretty obvious why.


SF Magic Mountain's Flying Coaster...well it's at SFMM so it's close to the production studio (I think) and it will be a pretty big ride utilizing some great terrain the park has to offer.


Black Mamba at Phantasialand looks like it *could* be the most intense inverted since Nemesis. Even if it's not, the setting it's in has to be one of the coolest - diving through trenches pretty much the whole ride!


Those would be my picks! Thanks for reading.



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Black Mamba - A "Nemesis" style coaster apparently, and we all know about the rave review's Nemesis get's, along with Phantasia Land's reputation for themeing, we could well be on to a winner, a top notch ride AND eye candy, a winning combination for the mole! (I got a smack when I said that to my ex girlfriend).

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Here's my ideas: Spotlight a single park each episode, and ride all of the roller coasters in that park. Do more point-of-view shots, instead of swinging back to see the rider. You miss too much of the ride that way. We can see the rider when they give their opinion.

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The Voyage is my pick for 2006. The coaster just looks insane, and with Holiday World's reputation for suprising the heck out of the industry, this will probably be the top notch ride in the United States in '06.


On the flip side, I'm not anticipating Expedition Everest. Though construction seems impressive, Dinsey has a tendency to "dumb-down" it's rides to get the widest rider patronage possible, and as a coaster enthusiast, it makes things boring. And because the way it's being contructed (ie. you don't know the layout of the ride...) it's impossible to tell. I have a feeling this will be the disappointment of the year. (Though, I hope to eat my words...)


And finally, 06' itself seems to be a tad slow so far. 2005 has about 90 new coasters worldwide, and the number for '06 is roughly 25. Sure it's still early in the announcement season, but I hope things pick up!

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I'm most excited about our new woodie coming to SFGAdv!


I avidly follow all construction and developments at GA, and the idea that we are getting a world class wooden roller coaster which will be the first of it's kind in the US is really exciting to me.


I have been watching the project from the very start, posting updates on my website (http://www.amusementpics.com/) just like I did last season when the park built Kingda Ka, and I can't wait to get all the details of this coaster and watch it grow over the Winter months.


I live near the park, and all through the Winter I make pilgrimages to Prospertown Lake to watch construction progress, waiting for the new season to start.


I'm really excited since this coaster along with Kingda Ka and the new hotel which will also be under construction are turning Six Flags Great Adventure into a truly world-class park, and destination for thrill seekers.

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In order of my interest:


1. Superman: Escape at WBMW

2. The Voyage at Holiday World

3. Black Mamba at Phantasialand

4. Goliath at SFoG

5. Expedition Everst at Disney's Animal Kingdom

6. Unnamed Flyer at SFMM

7. Unnamed Woodie at SFGAdv

8. Speed Monster at TusenFryd

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The project I'm looking most forward to in 2006 is the 'Vliegende Hollander' (Flying Dutchman) in Efteling (Netherlands).


Why? Because there's a lot of mysterious things around this attraction. Nobody knows exactly what it will be. Other 'new in 2006-attractions' are not really mysterious, but Vliegende Hollander is very mysterious compared with the other new rides.


It's going to be a watercoaster, combined with a short darkride in a building. There aren't many coaster that also have a darkridesection.


Nobody knows the tracklayout or the theming, only that it will be about the legend of the Flying Dutchman is certain.


It's also the first ride that will be build completely by KumbaK coasters.


Take a look at the RCDB-entry and the thread on Themepark.nl (in Dutch)


Latest Constructionphoto


Pic is taken by Vogelrokker on 14th september - www.vogelrokker.nl

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Expedition Everest at DAK - It just looks amazing. The next generation of themed coasters looks to be not only heavily themed, but actually be a good "coaster".


Flyer at SFMM - It appears to be an original design, and for the first time since 1988 they are using the terrain of the "Mountain" to put in a coaster.


Woodie at SFGAdv - I've heard nothing but good things about Intamin Woodies. Since this is the only one I will have a chance to ride next year I hope it will be awesome.


Goliath at SFOG - I think this will be a really great fit for this already awesome park.


The Voyage at Holiday World - I've heard nothing but good things about Hades. I've also heard that Raven and Legend are great too.

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I'm surprised no one has said Beech Bends yet to be named woodie. Unfortunately it lies in the shadow of what could possibly be, the most amazing woodie on the planet in Voyage. A ton of people are going to do themselves a disservice and pass right over it on the way to Santa Claus. From the video it looks like it will have ample amount of airtime, as well as tons of lateral and positive g's too. I have no doubt that Voyage will be awesome, but Beech Bends new ride will give Voyage a run for its money.

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For me it has to be Expedition:Everest at DAK, purely because for me this is going to be an experience, not just a coaster. For instance, there is a story to the ride, animatronics, special effects, plus it is a roller coaster with forwards and backwards motion. Having loved ROTM at Universal Studios, I think EE will be the next advancement in roller coasters combined with special effects. Plus the detailing on this attraction is outstanding. The imagineers have been to the himalyas to get authenticity and thats why I'm looking foward to it most, as well as the fact that I don't manage to get to many themeparks other than Disney, but we all know Disney is an industry leader anyway, so its not really a problem.

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i think the SFMM ride has my interest. just like when they built goliath they are waiting with this one which i think is a neat idea. keeping it secret means lots of anticipation. plus the fact that they are actually trying to build this thing on the mountain in the middle of the park is quite interesting since most recent additions have been along the edges.

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Well, I've been holding off on making my first post for a while now, just taking in what everybody has said on the forums through the summer. But upon seeing this, I can't help but put in my two cents. I have to say that Expedition Everest is going to be THE ride for 2006. I've been tracking the construction (along with most of you, I'm sure) since the attraction was first announced. The detail of the theming inside and out of the mountain is just amazing. Somebody mentioned that there is no way to see the layout but here's something to give you an idea:



This is going to be the most engrossing ride of all time and I'd love to see something on The Discovery Channel about it. I was pretty intimidated the first time that I laid eyes on Millennium Force but once we all hit Animal Kingdom and see Everest looming over the entire park, I think that we'll all be captivated by it.



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