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Hanno's picture of the day

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Great photo's as always! Now i can't wait to go and take some more themepark photo's myself anymore... Have to wait another month for my next visit, then i will try to get your Wodan/Bluefire shot!

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For today we are going back to the 2008 europe trip.

Just in case you are wondering.. yes.. this coasters is voted worst wooden coaster in the world for a reason..


I present Anaconda at Walygator Parc


This is a fine example of once, but never again.. some credits are not worth the effort to get them..


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In my TR about the 2008 trip, I wrote this concerning Bandit at Movie World:


Yes, Bandit was the worst wooden coaster I’d ever ridden (at least for a few days).


Then came Anaconda . . . is this the only ride in the world in which TPR members actually voted to skip an ERT session?

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Ahh! So i wasn't even a active member during that trip, but my first ride on Anaconda really still hurts my ass just thinking about it! Good thing they also had monster when i first visited this park, what a bless that is

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Today i have a picture from 2008 for you.

The europe trip that year gave me the opportunity to visit some of the best parks in europe (again) and introduced me to Europa park.

Part of the trip was a stop at Toverland.


Here's an image from the parks GCI coaster, Troy


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