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  1. Glad other people saw this on...I'm staying up way later than intended to watch. Even though I know how it ends and have seen parts previously, it's like all the Disney they were showing beforehand...I always get sucked in!
  2. That is an AMAZING picture! So glad you're sharing here in this thread, and that it was the one that introduced the subscription button - I'll keep coming back for more!
  3. I'm in Broomfield now, which is about 20 minutes away. I would love to do a get together if one happens!
  4. These are great! Makes me want to start setting something up...
  5. The drop tower levels are actually refering to "emotional" levels, if you take another glance at the picture, not the height that the ride goes to. It also uses the symbols that ski areas use for beginner, intermediate, and advanced trails.
  6. Video's not working for me at the moment, but I did appreciate the pics inside Atocha. Man I want to go back to Spain.
  7. When I read a six hour delay, I knew you were in Newark. I've never talked to anyone who's made it out of that airport on time. You were lucky to get meal vouchers - when we were stuck, all of the shops closed down! Awesome pictures - made me want to go to Spain again!
  8. I was so mad when I saw this on the news the other night. It's so obvious that Dad's out for the money. I hate it when people ruin something good for everyone else. Grr.
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