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After visiting Toverland in 07 with TPR and having a blast on Troy i decided to get back to the park later that year.

Here's a picture of Troy from september 2007




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That coaster looks so sexy, it reminds me of the SOB at Kings Island when I first glanced at it. All that wood and all those twists and turns.


But now that SOB is a real SOB and my last ride on it caused me to force up my lunch because it was so [ your favorite expression here] rough that I couldn't eat anything else until mid-afternoon the next day.


So I'm hoping that coaster from Troy isn't rough like that SOB.


"So you don't like to ride a coaster when it's rough? Then ride me instead: I can promise you that I'm always soft and gentle, never ever rough, for you sleeping pleasures!"

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Sorry for the delay, it has been a fun and busy weekend


A while back i decided to visit a "small" and (at that time) new to me park in Germany.

Here's a picture from that visit back in April 2010


And yes i'm talking about Fort Fun.


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Early 2009 i basically tried to hit every park (within decent distance) that openened a new coaster in Europe.


One of these coasters was Anubis at Plopsaland in Belgium.


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How is Anubis? I never heard any reviews for it. It's opening kinda came and went without much fanfare.


It has been 3 years since it opened but I don't remember it either. If it isn't a mega spectacular coaster it doesn't get a lot of attention I guess.

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I think it is/was a fun ride (but it has been 3 years) the launch was surprising the first airtime hill was ejector style and then it went from one bit to another.. It's not that long, but well worth the ride when you are in the area

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Double update today (for the fun of it)


I'm going back to 2008 to the day Behemoth Bash happened at Canada's Wonderland.


Here's an image of Behemoth


and as a bonus...

How Dan friendly is Riptide??

i guess not

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