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Hanno's picture of the day

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Today's picture is only a few hours old.

It's from today's opening of the new coaster at Legoland Billund (denmark)

Polar X-plorer.


The new Zierer with drop




a bigger update will follow soon


from the tv show Ice Pilots

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Today's update is a bit different.

It is themepark related but not a coaster or themepark ride.

It's a Hotel.


Hotel Colosseo at Europa Park is one of my favorite hotels to stay at.

This picture was taken in januari 2012 during the last weekend of Europa Parks winter opening 2011/2012.


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Ok, time for for another update.

Today we are going back to the year 2010.


Part of the Intimidatour was a stop at Carowinds.

I bring you Hurler in all it's "glory".


This image should be a nice indication for the ride experience that day


enjoy and feel free to comment.


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Aye, 'tis passing wondrous that the visages of joy and pain should be thus entertained and intertwined. Yea verily, a Hurler in either Virginia or Carolina doth sucketh with equal magnitude.


[disable shakepearean mode]

Edited by cfc
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That GCI shot a few pages back is pornographically awesome. And the expressions in that Hurler close-up are priceless (used to be such a fun ride - so bummed to hear that they both "sucketh" these days).

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^ I dunno...that picture pretty much sums up just about every ride I've ever had on it!


Yeah, I'd be hard pressed to determine which Hurler is the worst.

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