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I don't think Casey and Robb would try that again as they are much older now and would probably die!

time for some more Cedar points pictures. The next day started cloudy but it get pretty warm that day. Fun times walking around in the sun, not having to stress about getting or rides and ta

It sure has been a while. Covid has messed up lots of plans, lots of potential coaster trips. Hoping to ride some coasters later this year, and maybe check out some new stuff as well.  

Posted Images

Thanks for the comments so far.


Today i have a picture from the 2008 Behemoth trip.

Darien Lake has an interesting collection of rides. Ride of steel (which was running awesome that day) and basically right next to it.. Predator..


I guess this picture describes this wooden coaster pretty good.



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^Diablo Cody definitely needs that picture on her Facebook page and Internet Movie Database profile.

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Ha! I remember talking to one of the staff members (I think it was the PR lady) and she described the ride as having "attitude". It didn't take long for me to agree!


Hanno's pictures aren't always flattering, but they're always good!

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Today we are going back to 2007.

My first (and so far only) visit to Cedar Point. This was part of the 2007 MidWest trip.

This 2 day visit still brings back plenty of memories. Like arriving at the hotel late at night in total darkness due to a power outage in the area.

Seeing the lights turn on around Dragster (and in the hotel) a couple of hours later. Walking in the pouring rain the first day after the skies looked like aliens were arriving in the area. Getting all the credits in the park that same evening in just a few hours due to the park being emtpy after the rain..


Anyway.. Here's a "classic"

It's Dragster time and going down is the best part.. Looking up at the ladies..

but what's up with that hand?


zoomed in a bit more.. wtf?


I guess some like the pain

Anyway that's it for today. Feel free to comment and check back tomorrow for another update

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This is one of the many things I really like about your photos - the rider reaction shots. Most people don't think to ever get shots of the people on the rides, instead just focusing on the coaster. And these types of shots are often very entertaining, like this one.


As always, thanks for posting these.



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