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Tokyo Disney Resort Discussion Thread

p. 78 - TONS of new Fantasy Springs info!

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URAYASU, CHIBA— Oriental Land Co., Ltd. announced that the Tokyo Disneyland® attraction, Jungle Cruise, located in Adventureland, will be revamped with the new version opening in autumn 2014.


The Jungle Cruise, which has been popular since Tokyo Disneyland Park opened in 1983, takes Guests on an adventurous cruise through the jungles with a humorous skipper at the helm. The revamped version of the attraction will have new lighting effects and other special show effects. In addition, a specially written musical sound track will be heard throughout the attraction for the first time in any Jungle Cruise. Also, an after-dark only “night cruise” will provide a unique take on the jungle adventure.


The new Jungle Cruise will offer Guests an adventure that is even more thrilling than before. From on board the attraction’s boats, Guests will explore jungle landscapes full of wild animals with the help of their daring and comical skipper who guides them through the beauty and dangers of this exotic world. The adventure includes a startling encounter with one of the animal spirit guardians in the ruins of a lost jungle temple.


Note: Jungle Cruise is sponsored by JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation.

The attraction will be closed from January 6, 2014 for this renovation work.


Attraction Facts

Reopening Date: Autumn 2014

Boat Capacity: 32 persons

TotalInvestment:about 1.6 billion yen

Length of Ride: about 670 meters

Ride Duration: about 10 minutes

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Man, with all the new renovations and changes happening in the next couple of years

(jungle Cruise, Mermaid Show, etc.) ... definitely have to get back there in a couple of years!


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The queues are going to be longer at these updated attractions,

more than (dare I say) Star Tours or Space Mountain!


(Fast Passes for the Jungle Cruise "Night Cruise"?...)

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The Sorin' building will fit there if they want it to with little to no impact on the backstage infrastructure. I don't agree with its location only because it cuts off the rest of the area behind it, but that's where it was mentioned. The scale should be correct according to Google.

Your proportions are wayyyyyy off. You can just tell by comparing the building to the paths. The Soarin building is MUCH larger.


I don't think the entire harbor would be removed, but the entire side closest to the park is used for staging and would be out of use during that time period.

I love it when theme park geeks play theme park engineers and then argue about their fantasy creations!

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I am really looking forward to seeing what they are able to achieve with the Jungle Cruise. Two versions sounds pretty ambitious, and hopefully it serves as inspiration for the rest of the chain.

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That'd be nice. ^ But don't be too hopeful about that happening any year soon.


What I have seen, is Tokyo Disney either coming up with it's own

amazing one-of-a-kind original attractions, or taking something

from the American parks and plussing it to bits, making it the

more awesome it already usually is.


The latest is Toy Story Mania, and although I didn't get to ride it,

others who did earlier in the tour, marveled at the queue setup

and the ride even 'felt better' to some, than in the US.


Rarely the other way around - at least lately.

Maybe in the long long ago...

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This sounds pretty interesting, can't wait to see what they do with it. Is their existing Jungle Cruise essentially the same as the American versions? The press release mentioned 32 passenger boats, how many do the normal Jungle Cruise boats hold because 32 seems huge!


I've always felt Jungle Cruise at Magic Kingdom was one of the more outdated rides there so maybe if this overhaul is successful well see some similar upgrades stateside.(I still wish in Orlando they would scrap the ride at Magic Kingdom and rebuild a bigger better version with real animals at Animal Kingdom, but that's another discussion altogether).

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^ Without saying too much (Spoiler Alert?) about the Jungle Cruise in TDL, the ending is much different than the American parks' version of it. Let's just say, there's a cave involved and some very nice effects inside of it?


And that, to me means the Evening Jungle Cruise should/will be especially scary, when the boat enters that cave from the outside dark. Mmmm.


And this is where Lava Monster could appear!

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