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Tokyo Disney Resort Discussion Thread

p. 78 - TONS of new Fantasy Springs info!

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Tippy Blue?


What the heck does that mean?


And omg he's a mailman/bird!


Stranger and wierder as we go along with this...


Can't wait to see 'who' (and what) the milkman is, lol!

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When i went for Halloween & Christmas last year i saw alot of Duffy merchandise that had a matching Shellie May counterpart.

Though Duffy was uber popular, Shellie May was treated more as a secondary character to Duffy & showed up sparingly & no way had the huge demand Duffy had at Cape Cod, at least not last year.

I never actually saw her myself in 9 days there, whereas Duffy was a main character in Disney Seas 10th Anniversary show.

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Although the comparison really isn't the same,

I believe this is how Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck

were introduced to audiences. It was after their guys

made it on the big screen, lol.


They didn't show up when Mickey and Donald first appeared.

It was later, just like Shellie Mae here.


An observation.

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^That is absolutely the truth! I do have to say, Tokyo Disney has the best selection of merchandise that I've ever seen at a park. Just the selection of their tins filled with candy and treats is bigger than some parks entire product lines! I usually add about 50% to my total cost of the trip when I visit there just for all the crap I know I'm going to buy.

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Unfortunately, I had a big complaint with TDS (yes I had one!) and it was about their themed souvenirs I remember from the 2007 tour - now totally gone from most TDS shops (Discovery Bay, Tower of Terror and Nautilus Gifts, particularly), not to be found anymore - and entire roomfuls of Disney character merchandise, there instead. I mean, this stuff wasn't even themed to the "land" or attraction's gift shop it was being sold in. I could find this all in Tokyo Disneyland as well as Disney Sea. I was looking forward to buying more 20K or Nautilus-themed things (actually I remember a nice jacket there, but no more). Sad to see that happen, but I guess the local population who visited the parks more than we did, just weren't buying the stuff.


This I posted in my report on the TDS part of last year's tour. Admitted, they still did have Tower of Terror stuff available and NOT overtaken by Disney character branding. Duffy was definitely more visible through the park, as compared to 2007, when he only occupied One Table in the Cape Cod souvenirs shop!


Time change, hmm? I am hoping some things do return, like the leather bomber jackets for either Indiana Jones or Capt.Nemo. That would be nice.


My three cents.


Yeah, I like "20K" a - lot. And I'm glad I bought the cap from Disney Sea, back then! Not there in 2011, sadly.


And this is the candy dish I picked up in Port Discovery! I loved it! Gone, when I returned, four years later.

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As much as I like unique attraction merch, if it's not selling to the guests and generic stuff is, what can you do? Especially at a place like Tokyo Disney where merchandise sales are a lot stronger (and thus justify spending more on new rides) than other Disney parks.

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^ Yep. One of the big lamentations from stateside Disney fanboys is the lack of unique merch as well...but if there were a market for the stuff, of course Disney would produce it. I'd love to see Lava Monster plush dolls but if the Japanese audience isn't going to buy it, we're just going to see generic Mickey and Duffy stuff that does sell.

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^ I know, and realize that.


I was just hoping that maybe TDS would keep some of it's (then)

merchandise by the time I got back to the park.


But the Disney brand sells, no matter which park or land one is in,


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Didn't Pluto used to be popular? I could never find much Pluto merchandise at any Disney park. However, Tokyo was the only Disney resort where I could not find one mid-range priced plush, t-shirt or trinket to purchase for my sister.


I got this at Disney Sea last year, Larry. It was for the park's

upcoming 10th Anniversary, and promoting Fantasmic's

opening year. Sorry you missed it.


And I am definitely going to be on the lookout during this

summer's visit to TDS for anything Lava Monster-ish, Dave.


There's DisneySea Pluto in the middle, there. Hong Kong Mickey is on the right, and one of the Bugs (?) from a Happy Valley park, on the left. Big Bad Wolf from Efteling is below, lol.

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Is it me, or has your jaw already dropped? It’s not everyday you see photos of a Disney Park blanketed in snow.


These amazing photos were taken at Tokyo Disney Resort earlier this week, when the city of Tokyo experienced a major snowfall. Compared to the winter weather we’re used to in parts of the United States, snowfall in Tokyo is rare, with snow falling only a few days each winter. When these images were shot, a total of four inches had blanketed the city, which is an amount of snow that Tokyo hasn’t experienced in more than a decade.
















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