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Tokyo Disney Resort Discussion Thread

p. 78 - TONS of new Fantasy Springs info!

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^^ Here is where it's going, Bob.

And I read somewhere it will probably use the FastPass system, too.


Hmmm. That will be quite a "Dash & Split" to the FastPasses machines

for it and ToT, when Mania opens, lol.


(I forget who took the photo, but THANKYOU!)


The front entry area is to be a "Toy Story-themed city park," themed in that area's era.

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This addition is only going to make the best theme park in the world even better. I remember being a bit underwhelmed when the first Midway Manias were announced and built, but ended up liking them a lot.

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^ Well, they might be putting a lot of $ into the queue itself, too.


Add to that, the entryway "atmosphere" they're going to create

before you even enter the show building. From what I have seen

in art concepts, etc. And it's supposed to be a railway 'park'

(at the end of the elevated railway's route, it makes sense to me),

so I'm hoping there's maybe a small fountain as well as trees

and benches, etc.


So cool. So anxious. So want to go!

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They even have better commercials than we have!?!? Seriously though... I hope that kind of commercial comes to the US... it probably won't because that animation style is not as prevalent here, but that was a great commercial and one I feel a lot of people can connect with.

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Thanks Tokyo Disney for spiting us once again with the most fabulous commercial ever.


Is it time to go back yet!?!?


I like how the commercial is in classic "anime" style, rather than CGI or Disney-style animation.

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Crap. (In an OMG good kinda way!)


When ARE we going back to Japan???????



(EDIT to add: And if TDS did make Mania a

trackless ride - I can easily imagine how Imagineering

would up the ante and make it a true crazy carnival of

shooting booths with these cars going absotutely NUTS inside

there, LOL. Pooh's Party Dream Room... PLUSSED!)

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