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The Official West Coast Bash 2012 Update Thread!

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Wow, amazing day yesterday! Went bell to bell, got 30 rides total, not a bad day's work. Night ERT left a smile on my face all day today, scored 4 awesome X2 rides then sat on Tatsu for 4 more without moving till they shut it down & kicked me off. My sisters ran outta gas and bailed at 8, bummer for them. Got to sleep in this AM before hitting the road, got back to my girl's place in time to walk the dog before dark.

Thanks to Robb, Elissa, the whole TPR crew & of course SFMM for a terrific Bash!

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Looks like I chose the wrong day of West Coast Bash to attend! Kudos to KBF for pulling out all the stops for West Coast Bash and doing so many cool things! I think it really shows how much time and effort Robb, Elissa, and the park put into making the event kick ass! Good to know there are still some passionate people at KBF.

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More Knott's Berry Farm pictures.



Tug-O-War! TPR Versus Montezoomas! Anton wins!!!




Backstage they were cookin' up some awesome polyurethane wheel soup!


You, know...just a Sierra Sidewinder car hanging around backstage....


The control room under the Montazooma's Station.


This is how many ride cycles and hours in Montezoomas Revenge's life! Ride Cycles has turned over once, so that is actually 1.4 million!


Lots-O-Buttons and things!


Another look at one of the old-school panels.


If the ride gets into trouble...this light goes on!


TPR was taken back to Knott's locomotive roundhouse to get a REALLY close look at their trains!


Checking out the locomotive recently re-named to the "Walter K."


"My name is William, and I present to you...the train."


These are words to live by!


It's funny because it says "nipples!"


Train geeks...be jealous!


A shot of the backstage area where most of the work is done on the locomotives.


More awesome locomotive pics.


Engine #41


Train car connecter.


Manly pose?


At the controls of the Galloping Goose! Very disturbing!


We even got to crawl inside a steam locomotive at Knotts roundhouse tour!


The only actual Boysenberries grown on Knott's property is behind the locomotive roundhouse!


Now THAT is an old sign!


Barrels = theming!


They let me hang out in the locomotives!


There are only a couple of these "Galloping Goose" trains left in service, and Knott's is the only one left in regular operation.


Inside the Galloping Goose are displayed history of the train in this fully restored car.


There are about 8 of these frames telling the story of this historic vehicle.


Here is what powers the Galloping Goose!


Hello, baby, light my fire....


It was really cool to be able to climb and hang out all over the trains!


Oh, yeah... Did I mention we had THREE HOURS of ERT on Xcelerator!


Xcelerator is arguably the best steel coaster in SoCal.


Aren't we a sexy bunch?




We also had Timber Mountain Log Ride ERT! Nice to have ERT on more than just coasters!


Sure, it's kind of old-school, but it is still amazing!


One of the best themed log flumes at any park!


We also had ERT on Supreme Scream!


For some reason, we had lots of Supreme Scream virgins on this day!


Even Dallas got in his first ride!


Knotts produced a very professional group photo for TPR!


Knott's even had some gangsters come out and do a show right in front of us!


It's hard to tell who are the TPR members in this picture.


"Please.... SHOOT!!!!"


Snoopy showing off the awesome WCB shirt that Knotts made for us!




Knott's still has all kinds of great atmosphere "talent", like this dude.


Last time we saw something like this, Jaws got demolished. Get this guy out of the park now!


Taking advantage of those Screamin' Swing discounts!


"C'mon...not even for free????"


"This would be less frustrating if I had an iPhone with Facebook."


The real reason we came to West Coast Bash!


Today's mystery meat was "Walrus!" I know, right?


"I'll eat pretty much anything."


I got nothing....


Love the event shirt! Thank you Knott's!


Just a selection of some of the coaster parts that were prizes for TPR Quest!


The winner of TPR Quest will take home this awesome side panel from GhostRider's train!


Knott's also put together these awesome gift baskets!


TPR Quest is about to begin!


"Who wants to volunteer to be a contestant?"


Shirley wants to play!


TPR Quest is simple - Robb asks for an idea. Contestants have to go find it in the audience. The person who brings back the item the fastest, gets the most points!


"Show me a picture of the white house."


Robb, is this what you're looking for?


"Bring me an iPhone with TPR on the browser!"


"Bring me the only other female at WCB!"


"Bring me Spears with her mouth wide open!" WOW!!!


Run, Shirley! Run!!!!


So yeah... This happened during TPR Quest!




I'm shocked that our members couldn't eat pie faster! ACE would have kicked our asses!


Woah, dude! You don't have to eat the plate!!!


OUR PIE EATING CONTEST WINNER!!!! (No one is surprised)


Shirley! It's a human wheel barrow! STOP LOOKING THERE!!!!


This will also be happening again later in the evening.


We'll take a moment to do one "kids quest!"


"Bring me back a woman's bra!"


"I'm wearing a woman's bra! Does that count?"


Hooray! We actually have women in the audience!


Man-boobs competition!


That's not even an A Cup!


Once again, ACE would KILL US in this competition!


Time for the Bohemian Rhapsody sing-off!




You're killing one of the best songs ever made!!!


The winners of the 2012 WCB TPR Quest!


Shirley took home the grand prize!


Coaster wheels made it back to Australia!


And back to southern california!


Gift baskets for the manly men!


Congrats to our winners!!!


And to our losers!


"That's right...I'm taking home a basket of goodies!"


Now all you need is the rest of the train!


Not sure why people were complaining about the new Mine Train sign....we think it looks great!


Ooooh....roller coaster photo!


love...Love...LOVE the Domo store!


Jeff Tucker hosted another hilarious Q&A session!


A new Dominion of the Dead maze was announced at West Coast Bash for Knotts Haunt 2012.


Dominion of the Dead will return in a whole new form for Halloween Haunt 2012.


Some of the artwork from the new Dominion of the Dead coming to Knotts Haunt in 2012.


Concept art from the new Dominion of the Dead replacing Lockdown at Knotts Haunt in 2012.


More Concept art from the new Dominion of the Dead.


Even More Concept art from the new Dominion of the Dead!


Night ERT on Sierra Sidewinder!


Nighttime ERT on Montezoomas Revenge = AWESOME!


Windseeker sure is pretty at night! Oh, and we had ERT on it!


Taking over Camp Snoopy!


The chocolate bacon funnel cake was back for the TPR fattys!


There is simply not enough bacon on that funnel cake for TPR members!


Thank you Snoopy and Knott's Berry Farm for an awesome West Coast Bash!


And a HUGE thank you from Theme Park Review!

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I didn't know that any boysenberries were still growing at Knott's--do they fertilize them with catawumpus manure?


And beware the Curse of the Intamin Cable! It will have your souls for toying with it as you did!

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Had an absolute blast both days at the bash!


I rode Green Lantern a total of around 15-20 times using the single rider line no one seemed to know exsisted and loved every ride. Unfortunately I also got stuck on the ride for around a half hour because of issues with the cars not being able to lock their unload position in the station. this must have happened 10+ times during the day.


I still don't understand the whining about Revolution. I had some absolutely spectacular night rides on it with only one quick instance of roughness.


Jeff Tucker's Q&A at Knotts was incredibly entertaining as usual ( I got the first Soy Joy Bar ) and Brooke's haunt presentation will definitely bring me back for haunt.


I also finally got my hands on a copy of Knotts Preserved and the Sixth Key and I'm loving both! Food from Knotts was incredible and the back stage tours got us unbelievably close to some of the attractions. However me and a friend actually got an exclusive look at the private train cars by coincidence. One of the train staff called out to us as we walked by and asked us if we wanted to see the cars.


I want to thank Robb, Elissa, Magic Mountian, and Knott's for putting on a Great Bash Weekend!

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