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  1. I like how all these new rules had to be set in place because i did so badly on the last challenge
  2. I would like to officialy congratulate Jerry koala on his victory, i felt that i was clearly going to win this contest, but then i realised that you had beaten (and heavily improved) the park without removing the rides. Congratulations on your probable victory.
  3. AND MORE PHOTOS SCR27.BMP Venom. an Arrow looper SCR28.BMP Underminer, a nostalgic reminder of the earlier Togo knockoff before the hurricane SCR29.BMP A picture of Hero's track SCR30.BMP Silver Cloud, an Arrow swinging coaster SCR31.BMP Cierce, a small wooden out-and-back. SCR32.BMP A Togo ultra-twister SCR33.BMP Another picture of my beloved Comet SCR34.BMP This confusing bit here is nice SCR35.BMP From farther away SCR36.BMP The entire park SCR37.BMP King, and the others SCR38.BMP I love the Comet SO MUCH SCR39.BMP Something different for a change SCR40.BMP Please vote SCR41.BMP The drop tower in Wild West Land, creatively name High Noon SCR42.BMP And this from another angle SCR45.BMP And the looper, Whiplash SCR46.BMP DON'T FORGET TO VOTE!
  4. WEll, i took on the challenge in classical Me style, unfortunately a hurricane struck before i could get to work! SCR44.BMP Just look at that damage SCR14.BMP This is the result, several years after the recovery from the hurricane SCR15.BMP IN case you forgot SCR16.BMP Here's the intro area, the Sky Tower is visible in the foreground and other stuff is in the back SCR17.BMP AFter all the coasters were destroyed in that tragic hurricane, the dragon was the first new coaster to appear in the refurbished park SCR18.BMP The corkscrews were the next coasters to open, cheap and reliable. SCR19.BMP Here's wild west land, with the Spirit Roller coaster visible SCR20.BMP My GCI coasters, Bandit SCR21.BMP And the Comet, the crown jewel of my park SCR22.BMP Here's a closer view on that intricate tangle of track SCR23.BMP My log flume, creatively named the Log Flume SCR24.BMP There's my hyper coaster, Hero, inbetween the wooden coaster King, the shuttle Chaos, and the kiddie coaster, Little Warrior SCR25.BMP Thunderer, a classic coaster SCR26.BMP Omen, a tribute to the SLC knockoff destroyed in the hurricane. last photo before next post!
  5. I'm just posting this so i can win, but i think it is a trick question. the bst view of a roller coaster is the one that you are riding, the excitement that builds up before the first drop, and then the wind rushing through your hair. nothing can compare to that experience though a photo may try.
  6. Follow up question: when i was at Michigan's adventure two months ago i noticed large piles of timber on site and a large amount of construction equipment in the back of the park as well as small ponds of water. i think that these are probably maintenance equipment and fire pools but are they something else?
  7. I feel that this is worth disaster transports removal. but how will Cedar Point make up the difference in the coaster count with Six Flags Magic Mountain? are they giving up on the competition or do they have something else up their sleeve? Do you think Meanstreak would be fully retracked?
  8. My favorite roller coaster in my home park is Millenium Force! As i am writing this i can see the rides of the Birmingham fair outside the library window .. .
  9. I wasn't trying to cheat i was just wondering. I'm sorry if i have made you angry
  10. WAit, is using the trick where you place objects then destroy them with rides considered a cheat? it was listed under tips on one website. .. . . i know the cheats where you rename guests and they pay more money. . . . . . but is the first one considered it?
  11. To paraphrase Einstein: "Two things in the universe are infinite, the universe and human stupidity . . ..the removal of the Wildcat is the latter." I'm happy i rode it last year, as it was its last . .. it will be missed .. . .
  12. I didnt expect Cedar point to drop down to this level. Sure, you make more money, but it was the mutual comradery that everyone had to wait in the same line as you that made Cedar Fair park more family friendly. When some smug person passes in front of you with a smug look on his face just because he could afford to pay the few extra bucks, it drives me crazy! And they put the fast lane on Mean Streak!? its a terrible coaster but i love riding it because no one rides it.the good news is that it wont have that big of an affect on Magnum.
  13. Quick question about darien lake, as i am most likely going to visit it this year. According to many critics, Predator has been described as painful. However the POV looks quite good, it has been compared to Gwazi ,Ghostrider and Meanstreak. But i like Ghostrider and Meanstreak. so which is it, a Ghostrider(painful and fun) or a Gwazi ? (painful)
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