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  1. Hey guys, my wife and I are finally planning our first trip to Cedar Point and we have a lot of question... First of all we are planning to stay at the cedar points express hotel. We have a three day park hopper purchased already, my questions are do you recommend purchasing a front of line pass? Is it worth it? Also about the food options, besides breakfast which is included, do you recommend the food pass? We are frequent flyers to Disneyland and Knottā€™s and the occasional Six Flags Magic Mountain trip. What kind of environment does the park have? Are there any night shows were should make time to see or is it more of a SFMM type? Also lines... obviously Steel Vengeance will have expected lines but what other rides should we aim for first?? Thank you in advance!
  2. Went yesterday and was told they would do a soft opening around 2 pm. We decided to head over around 1:45 and got in line. Less than an hour and it was so very worth the wait! The trains are amazing and much more comfortable. GCI did an amazing job retracking it and it did not disappoint. It had every bit of force that the opening reminding me of the original, just much more comfortable. No jerking or being thrown around at all, with still having the out of control feeling we all love with woodys.
  3. Both are great shots! Wish we could have gone! Looks like you all had a blast from the TR.
  4. I am going to sign up Friday, But I was curious if anyone knew the ride(s) for Knott's Berry Farm?? Thanks guys!
  5. Thank you Robb and Elyssa, and everyone we met yesterday and last night, we had a blast! We had such a great time and I am looking forward to future TPR trips!
  6. Just found out I'm going to Six Flags WCB! Whoop! My wife just surprised me with tickets. Stoked. Hey if you get that info on those printed season passes let me know bc we just bought ours online and wont be able to process them until that day. Thanks for any info! See you all there!
  7. That's interesting Top Thrill... Kinda cool that someone caught it on video. From the video it looked from the start of the dragon scene that it was all wrong. She was leaning forward from the start. Also found it interesting that the crowd actually started to boo!
  8. Went to finally watch WOC last night and it was shut down... smelled like sewer lines broke and the cast members just said they were having "technical difficulties" Anyone know what happened??
  9. I asked a CM one time and they said they have to evacuate people five at a time into boats and then bring you over to the dock and continue until they are done with the entire sub. He did mention that the whole process takes about an hour per sub due to the process...
  10. To Robb and Everyone at the Mountain THANK YOU! This was my first WCB and we had so much fun! We are for sure 100% going again next year and the year after that! Night time ERT on everything was awesome! And the hail was a nice bonus! Also a big thank you to Jay Thomas for working with us! And we will keep our promise to him and we will be back very soon! Thanks again to everyone that had anything to do with helping with the event!
  11. Oh Thank God! Thanks bro! See you on Sunday looking forward to it! First year
  12. Wait I just bought tickets yesterday... Can I still go? It charged me and everything!
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